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Ransomware Protection

Kubernetes Native Ransomware Protection Solution

  • Ensure data protection
  • Provide isolation from ransomware attacks
  • Deliver point-in-time recovery

Complete Application and Data Protection Against Cyberattacks

Veeam Kasten is a Kubernetes native data protection platform that protects your Kubernetes platform from cyberattacks. With Veeam Kasten, teams achieve radical resilience against ransomware.

Early Threat Detection

Raise an early flag on potentially malicious activity or imminent attacks.

Encrypted and Immutable Backups

Always have a safe and consistent copy of your application and data.

Accelerated Recovery

Minimize business downtime due to attacks with quick and secure restores.

The Reality of Ransomware Attacks on Organizations

have experienced at least one ransomware attack in the past year
report that a cybersecurity event was the most common cause of an outage
have completely aligned their cybersecurity and disaster recovery strategies

Harness the Power of Veeam Kasten to Safeguard Data

Data Protection

Empower users by facilitating the seamless creation and scheduling of routing backups for applications and their associated persistent data volumes. Backups are insulated from primary storage and can be used to restore operations quickly.

Point-in-Time Recovery

Recover your data from specific points in time, including situations when rolling back to a known state of operations is necessary. In the case of a ransomware disaster scenario, point-in-time recovery is essential.

Isolation From Ransomware

Isolate your production and backup environments to ensure operations can be restored from a clean and reliable backup in the event of a security incident. Key information can be secured to address a specific restore scenario.

Application Mobility

Enable graceful migration of an application and its data across Kubernetes clusters, including to a separate product resource if a previously live platform is compromised.

Kubernetes use cases

Use Cases for Veeam Kasten

Backup and restore icon
Backup and Restore
Protect Cloud native applications and business critical data.
disaster recovery icon
Disaster Recovery
Meet regulatory and corporate mandates for your business.
application mobility icon
Application Mobility
Move entire applications between clouds and clusters.​
ransomware protection icon
Ransomware Protection
Protect your Kubernetes platform from intentional cyberattacks.
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How does Veeam Kasten mitigate ransomware risk in Kubernetes?
Veeam Kasten fortifies Kubernetes applications and data by enabling scheduled backups and providing consistent recovery workflows, ensuring operational integrity and minimizing ransomware disruptions.
What makes Kubernetes environments susceptible to attacks?
Kubernetes can be vulnerable due to exposed APIs or outdated configurations. Veeam Kasten helps strengthen access controls and update practices. As is the case with other platforms, Kubernetes is vulnerable to exposed APIs, outdated configurations or the lack of a formalized data protection program. Veeam Kasten combats vulnerability by strengthening access controls and update processes.
How does Veeam Kasten protect Kubernetes data?
Veeam Kasten provides encrypted backups, point-in-time recovery, and proactive monitoring to secure Kubernetes data against potential ransomware threats.
Can Veeam Kasten detect ransomware in Kubernetes backups?
Veeam Kasten monitors backup integrity, offering early detection of anomalies to prevent ransomware leverage within Kubernetes environments.

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