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Application Mobility

Kubernetes Native Application Mobility

  • Enable cross cloud portability
  • Perform multi-cloud balancing
  • Conduct cluster upgrade testing

Enable Flexibility and Resilience in a Kubernetes Environment

Kasten K10 is a Kubernetes native data protection platform that provides enterprise operations teams with a user-friendly, scalable, and secure system to move Kubernetes applications between clouds and on-premises clusters.

Application Mobility With Automatic Import and Restore

Kasten K10 provides a simplified path to environment updates.

Enhanced Application Mobility With Environment Isolation

Migration between federated and non-federated clusters is supported.

Reliable Automated Workflows for Application Mobility

Easily monitor execution across platforms from on-premises to the cloud.

How Other Organizations Approach App Mobility

consider moving workloads among public clouds as part of modern data protection
recover on-premises servers from cloud hosted backups
agree their business requires a mix of cloud and on-premises resources

Why Portability and Mobility Matter

Cross-Cloud Portability

Meet customer demand across platforms. Businesses gain flexibility in mobilizing applications across on-premises, public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Cluster Upgrade Testing

Catch important changes before they become a problem at scale, and manage Kubernetes changes by migrating applications in a predictable manner between clusters.

Multi-Cloud Balancing

Enable load balancing across public and private clouds by using an API gateway. This capability is ideal for application management, according to business policies intended to manage cost risks.

Data Management

Create copies of live applications and data for near real time and offline analysis. This capability can be used to measure and monitor performance, usage and as part of a continuous evaluation program.

Kubernetes use cases

Use Cases for Kasten K10

Backup and restore icon
Backup and Restore
Protect Cloud native applications and business critical data.
disaster recovery icon
Disaster Recovery
Meet regulatory and corporate mandates for your business.
application mobility icon
Application Mobility
Move entire applications between clouds and clusters.​
ransomware protection icon
Ransomware Protection
Protect your Kubernetes platform from intentional cyberattacks.
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What is Kasten K10's approach to Application Mobility?
Kasten K10 enhances Kubernetes services by enabling applications to be moved seamlessly among on-premises, public, private, and multi-cloud environments without code changes, fostering service flexibility and leveraging the full spectrum of cloud infrastructure benefits.
How does Automatic Import and Restore improve DevOps workflows?
This feature streamlines updates to production environments by automatically importing and restoring application changes whenever a new export is generated, offering DevOps teams a direct path to manage applications across various infrastructures.
What advantages does Environment Isolation offer in application mobility?
Isolating an application’s environment allows it to run consistently across different infrastructure platforms including development, test and production environments.
How does Kasten K10's application mobility support dynamic deployment cycles?
By enabling organizations to manage the optimal mix of cloud environments based on customer usage, Kasten K10 helps optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensure applications are protected and performant throughout their deployment lifecycle.

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