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Kubernetes Native Backup & Restore

Protect your Kubernetes applications and data

  • Repair application misconfigurations
  • Restore accidental data loss
  • Ensure compliance

Kubernetes Native Backup & Restore

Kasten K10 is a Kubernetes native data protection platform that provides enterprise operations teams with an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for the backup and restoration of Kubernetes applications and data.

Application-Specific Protection

Kasten K10 automatically discovers all components of K8s applications.

Policy-Based Backup & Monitoring

Manage backups at scale through dynamic policies.

Rapid Service Restores

Quickly and effectively restore your Kubernetes applications and data.

The Reality of Kubernetes Backup for Organizations

have a gap between desired and actual backup frequencies
have a gap in how quickly applications can be restored to service
designed their data protection architecture before implementing container technologies

Kasten K10 Backup & Restore

Repair Application Misconfigurations

When applications are misconfigured, the results may not be immediately detected upon release of new code or a software update. Kasten K10 can restore properly configured applications to quickly return to service.

Restore Accidentally Lost Data

Accidental data loss can occur throughout the development and production cycles. Kasten K10 can restore dependent components such as data stores to quickly return to production.

Enable Standby Clusters

Kasten K10 is a complete Kubernetes backup solution that has the capability to copy, restore, and move applications, as well as the option to source a combination of offline and offsite protected data for service restoration.

Ensure Compliance

Kubernetes application and data protection practices are governed by a combination of internal policy and external regulatory controls. The Kasten K10 backup & restore solution addresses these operations in compliance with policies that govern software and data security practices today.

Kubernetes use cases

Use Cases for Kasten K10

Backup and restore icon
Backup and Restore
Protect Cloud native applications and business critical data.
disaster recovery icon
Disaster Recovery
Meet regulatory and corporate mandates for your business.
application mobility icon
Application Mobility
Move entire applications between clouds and clusters.​
ransomware protection icon
Ransomware Protection
Protect your Kubernetes platform from intentional cyberattacks.
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How does Kasten K10 enhance Kubernetes backup and restore?  
Kasten K10 offers out of the box, cloud native monitoring, reporting and alerting, an intuitive UI, and a feature-rich dashboard that enables users to easily monitor, log and trace their applications.
What backup capabilities does Kasten K10 offer for Kubernetes?  
Kasten K10 provides robust backup capabilities including automated snapshot management, cross-cluster replication, and application-centric backup strategies.   
Can Kasten K10 automate Kubernetes backup workflows?  
Yes, Kasten K10 can fully automate backup workflows within Kubernetes, ensuring timely backups with minimal manual intervention and consistent recovery points.
What makes Kasten K10's restore process uniquely suited for Kubernetes?  
Kasten K10's restore process is tailored for Kubernetes, enabling precise version control and operational consistency with minimal disruption, thus maintaining the resilience and agility of your containerized workloads.

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