Supplier Code of Conduct


Veeam Software Corporation or any of its affiliates (“Veeam”) is committed to the highest standards of integrity, social responsibly and conducting its business in an honest, ethical and legal manner. Veeam expects all its Suppliers engaged in provision of goods / services to Veeam to make a similar commitment, i.e. conduct their business with integrity and transparency. Veeam expects Suppliers to act in accordance with this Code and requires that Suppliers comply with applicable laws and regulations within the geographies they operate. In cases when instances outlined in this Code differ from the ones in local laws, Supplier are obliged to follow them within the frameworks of the local laws.

This Code reflects Veeam’s values and sets what principles are expected to be followed by Suppliers:

Labour practices and working conditions

Veeam supports UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s International Labour Standards. Veeam strives to adhere to the principles set forth in these standards and expects its Suppliers to do the same.

Human Rights

Veeam does not tolerate violations of human rights in any form. Veeam expects Suppliers to enable practices to maintain a respectful and safe workplace. Veeam expects Suppliers not to support disrespectful behaviour, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse and violence of any kind.

Employment Laws

Veeam expects Suppliers to provide employees with decent and timely compensation for work in accordance with the local law.

Child labour

Veeam does not tolerate Child Labour in any form. Suppliers must act in compliance with all laws regulating minimum working age and working hours, making sure that the work will not jeopardize health or safety of the Children under age of 18.

Health and Safety

Veeam expects suppliers to provide all workers with healthy and safe environment minimizing any type of risk and supporting accident prevention in accordance with the local laws.

Inclusion & Diversity

Veeam maintains an inclusive culture and considers that diversity should be supported, and discrimination of any form should not be tolerated.


Veeam expects Suppliers to provide equality in opportunities and in employment without any discrimination based on race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national or social origin or any other criterion that may be provided in the local law.

Enviromental Policy

Veeam expects Suppliers to conduct effective environmental policy and comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Suppliers wherever possible, must undertake a prudent approach to environmental issues, promote environmental responsibility initiatives, and promote those technologies that are aimed to preserve the environment.


Veeam is committed to the highest ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Bribery and anti-corruption

Veeam expects Suppliers to adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct and follow bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations (e.g. UK Bribery Act, U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act). Corrupt arrangements are strictly prohibited and, in any form, including bribes will not be tolerated.

Gifts and Entertainment

Veeam’s Suppliers are prohibited from providing or offering gifts of significant value to Veeam employees that could inappropriately influence Veeam’s business decisions or gain an unfair advantage.

Conflict of interests

Veeam expects Suppliers to avoid any situation that could result in a conflict of interest with a Veeam employee, i.e. avoid a situation where Veeam employee’s business judgement or decision making is influenced by that business relationship. Any actual or potential conflict of interest must be promptly reported to Veeam.

Data privacy and security

Veeam requires suppliers to protect personal data in compliance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. Personal data provided by or on behalf of Veeam should only be processed or used, accessed, and disclosed as permitted by and strictly in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions agreed with Veeam.

Compliance Review

Veeam’s Procurement Policy commits every Veeam employee involved in the end-to-end procurement activities within the organization to use their best endeavours to ensure that Veeam’s purchasing and contractual activities are ethical, transparent and provide maximum competitiveness and fairness to Suppliers.

If you encounter any violation or believe that an employee of Veeam, or anyone acting on behalf of Veeam, has engaged in an illegal or otherwise improper conduct, you should report the matter back to Supplier's relationship with Veeam will not be affected by an honest report of potential misconduct.

Veeam reserves the right to review Supplier’s compliance with these principles. Where gaps are identified, Suppliers shall cooperate with Veeam on the respective correction action plans or remedy activity.