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FAST LTA - Silent Brick VTL

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Silent Brick System VTL

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Veeam Ready - Tape

Category Description:

Tape solution where available hardware features have been tested to work with Veeam

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Veeam Product and Release:
  • Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 3a
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Product Details:

Model number: Silent Brick VTL
Library Firmware Version
Drive firmware version: Virtual drives, Library Version
Driver for tape drive: IBM Ultrium
Driver for media changer: Adic Scalar 1000 or (Veeam Option: Use native SCSI commands instead of Windows driver)
Media type tested: Silent Brick

General product family overview:
Simplify your backup with Silent Bricks. On-premise storage appliances with integrated data protection for all NAS and VTL requirements. Media replication and rotation. Online, offline and off-site, with support for air gap environments. All in one system. The Silent Brick System is based on modular and transportable storage units called 'Silent Bricks' where each Silent Brick consists of 12 Disks. Depending on the Silent Brick Type these disks may be HDD (Silent Brick ) or SSD ( Silent Brick FLASH ). Virtual Tape Library implementation based on highly secured and transportable storage containers holding 12 HDDs each with a redundancy of 4 physical disks per virtual tape. Although the VTL is disk based it features real offline and offsite capabilities, encryption and compression.

Veeam testing configuration:

Veeam Build Number:


Vendor recommended configuration:

Vendor Settings:

  • Set tape block size to 1MB in registry prior to tape init / deletion
  • Set drive block size to 1MB in Veeam prior to tape init / deletion
  • If used via iSCSI set iSCSI max transfer length to 1MB prior to tape init / deletion
  • Enable ‘use native scsi commands’ on the Media Changer in Veeam in order to improve overall tape handling.

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