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MinIO (Immutability)

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Veeam Ready - Object with Immutability

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Verified object storage solutions that has been tested with Veeam Backup & Replication Cloud Tier and object storage immutability features.

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  • Veeam Backup & Replication 10a
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Model number: RELEASE.2020-07-12T19-14-17Z *
Storage Category: S3 Compatible Object Storage
Drive quantity, size, type: 8 – 1.8TB HDD
Storage configuration: JBOD with default n/2 erasure coding enabled
Connection protocol and speed: 2 x 10Gbps links (LACP)
Additional support: All models and configurations of MinIO for S3 compatible storage with specifications equivalent or greater than the above. *Please use MinIO RELEASE.2020-08-18T19-41-00Z or higher.

General product family overview:
MinIO is a high-performance, software defined, S3 compatible object store. MinIO was purpose-built to serve only objects and its single-layer architecture can run in user space and is easily containerized and can be orchestrated using Kubernetes. The software is scalable and offers resilience through inline erasure coding and bitrot protection. The software also contains a number of important security features including encryption for data in flight and at rest, object locking, auditing and identity management.

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