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NEW Veeam Availability Suite 9.5

Availability for any app, any data, across any cloud

Verified recoverability

Automated backup and replica recoverability testing

Backup is all about recovery. However, IT directors report that only 5%* of their backups are being tested and verified.

Veeam® makes recoverability testing of ALL your virtual machines a reality. Veeam Backup & Replication™ guarantees recovery of every file, application or virtual server every time by running automated recovery verification jobs. With Veeam DataLabs™, there’s no need to worry about recoverability because it is all tested!


No feature limitations for 30 days

NEW Veeam DataLabs Secure Restore

Veeam DataLabs Secure Restore enables organizations to verify backups and automatically scan to recover effectively from malicious attacks, such as ransomware

Maintain Availability by reducing the risk of malware attacks through increased data security with a patent-pending anti-virus software interface included in NEW Veeam Availability Suite™ 9.5 Update 4. Veeam DataLabs Secure Restore helps users:

  • Protect production environments by ensuring image-level restores are uninfected through real-time, optional anti-virus scans featuring alerts if infections are identified and multiple response options, including quarantining or disabling network adapters, if further action is required before safely restoring data to production
  • Relieve risk by recovering data back to a safe, uncompromised restore point
  • Utilize leading anti-virus software solutions through agnostic support, including integrations with Windows Defender, ESET and Symantec Protection Engine, as well as the ability to easily extend to additional third-party anti-virus tools


Verify the recoverability of your backups

With Veeam SureBackup®, you can automatically verify the recoverability of every backup, every VM (virtual machine), every time. SureBackup automatically starts VMs in an isolated Virtual Lab environment, performs a set of tests and sends a status report to your mailbox, so you know if your VMs are recoverable at any time.

To verify if a VM backup is recoverable, SureBackup:

  • Automatically boots the VM in an isolated environment, directly from the backup file, which saves you hours compared to the time required by competing solutions to perform full VM recovery
  • Performs a series of tests against the VM, such as heartbeat, networking and application status
  • Powers off the VM
  • Creates a VM backup state report

All access to the VM backup is read-only and changes are discarded when the process is complete.


Automatically verify your replicas

Automatically test every restore point in every VM replica for recoverability. SureReplica validates data for consistency, checks replica configuration accuracy and tests it for complete reliability by running it to the required restore point in an isolated Virtual Lab.

Since a VM replica is essentially an exact copy of a VM with a set of restore points, the testing process is different than testing VM backups. SureReplica:

  • Automatically boots the VM replica to the necessary restore point in an isolated environment
  • Performs a series of tests against the VM such as heartbeat, networking and application status
  • Powers off the VM replica
  • Creates a VM replica state report

** Currently available for VMware vSphere only

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