Veeam User Group: Top 4 protection features recap

Speaker: Vinh Pham, Emilee Tellez, Chris Mcdonald
Published : November, 2020
Veeam User Group: Top 4 protection features recap

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Over the past year, hundreds of Veeam® User Group members have shared feedback and insights via the user group survey. During this technical session we will discuss the top four protection features, their functionalities, challenges in use and best practices.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How does NAS backup work in VAS v10
  • Veeam ransomware capabilities
  • How your data is well-managed with Veeam monitoring and analytics
  • How to protect your Office 365 data and see what's new in Office 365 v5
  • And to see live demos!
Duration: 1:32:47

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