Best of Windows Server 2016 – The New Foundation of Windows

Published : December, 2015
Best of Windows Server 2016 – The New Foundation of Windows

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Good news for IT pros worldwide! Windows Server 2016 is here and it’s game-changing; this is the first Windows Server OS built with the cloud environment in mind, rather than on-premises environments. In this video, you will find serious reasons to try the technical preview.

Thomas Maurer is a Microsoft MVP and presents the Best of Windows Server 2016 - The New Foundation of Windows. You’ll be one of the first to know about new, exciting features like nested virtualization or shielded virtual machines (VMs), security best practices, improvements for existing features and how they’ll streamline your day-to-day job.

The features and improvements stem from four focus areas: compute, network, storage and security. While on-premises deployment is still important, Windows Server 2016 is a more cloud-oriented OS. Windows Server users can remotely manage deployment and optimize use of private clouds and data centers with the new Nano Server deployment option. Some of the most important improvements to Hyper-V are security measures meant to protect your VMs against malware and other threats, allowing the program to support this new deployment option. You will also learn how to create OS-level virtualization with Windows Containers through an isolated environment that has its own main resources instead of deploying a classic VM.

For a better understanding of Nano Server, Hyper-V and Windows Containers, Thomas Maurer also displays two very clear and detailed demos. Learn all the highly anticipated and best Windows Server 2016 features, which include:

  • Hyper-V 2016 features
  • Nano Server
  • Storage Spaces Direct
  • Storage Replica and more!
  • Duration: 1:01:40

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