ESG Webinar: Simplifying Data Protection with Cisco and Veeam

Speaker: Vinny Choinski, Andrew Lickly
Published : February, 2019
ESG Webinar: Simplifying Data Protection with Cisco and Veeam

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With the criticality, growth and sprawl of data, the data protection landscape must constantly evolve to meet these challenges. In addition, IT leadership is tasked with improving SLAs for both data and applications, as well as improving security and compliance. On top of that, IT leadership is also fighting the ever-increasing complexity in IT – with the requirement to consolidate data protection tools and/or vendors.

With these challenges in mind, Cisco and Veeam® have jointly developed solutions that provide high-performance Availability and reliable data protection that combat the complexity associated with today’s IT. 

Join this webinar with ESG Analyst Vinny Choinski and Andrew Lickly, Senior Alliance Product Marketing Manager for Cisco at Veeam, as they share highlights from the ESG Research Report on Data Protection Landscape 2018, ESG Cisco + Veeam technical white paper findings and the business benefits of the joint Cisco and Veeam solutions.

Duration: 42:16

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