Disaster Recovery and Monitoring of virtual infrastructure

Speaker: Max Cederhage
Published : May, 2012
Disaster Recovery and Monitoring of virtual infrastructure
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This session gives a continued overview and demo of

  • Veeam's product for data protection, Veeam Backup & Replication.
  • Veeam’s monitor and reporting capabilities in Veeam ONE

How to expose new recovery capabilities of your backups? How Veeam distributed architecture allows ultimately scalable protection?

See how to predict utilization and manage alarms effortlessly. Get complete visibility of the virtual infrastructure that matter most to VMware administrators.

Will include:

Veeam Backup and Replication

  • Restore AD, Exchange, and Database objects without any backup or restore agents
  • Recover VMs within the same time it takes to boot.
  • Simple Disaster Recovery. Restart multiple virtual machines simultaneously without restore
  • Restore Verification. Know the restore will work in case they are needed 100% without any prior manual testing.
  • Ways to leverage your investment in Veeam and do more with less.


  • How to identify weaknesses in the virtual infrastructure. Identify bottle necks and resource over utilization.
  • Plan your purchases with accurate capacity planning.
  • Predict and know the behavior of your virtual environment in case of hardware failure.
  • Keep track of all changes and document those
  • Live demo
Duration: 1:46:08

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