High Availability for the Modern Data Center with Veeam & ExaGrid

Speaker: Jason Leiva, Kevin Russell
Published : February, 2015
High Availability for the Modern Data Center with Veeam & ExaGrid

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Veeam® Availability for the Modern Data Center™ and ExaGrid backup appliances have teamed up to provide an industry-leading solution that’s specifically built for virtual environments. Veeam Backup & Replication™ has built-in backup-to-disk capabilities that works seamlessly with ExaGrid's disk-based backup appliances to reduce both storage requirements and cost, while also improving system performance!

ExaGrid and Veeam together include the ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover, which allows for faster backups and restores. This engine offloads the full, incremental and synthetic backups by processing to ExaGrid backup appliances and helps to free up both network and server resources. With the ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover, you’ll be able to increase the performance of your backup infrastructure and create synthetic full backups that are up to 6X faster!

Attend this webinar and learn how you’ll benefit from the combination of ExaGrid’s disk-based backup and Veeam’s virtual infrastructure data protection. You’ll also learn about the powerful availability capabilities of Veeam Availability Suite™, including 26 restore options, verified protection, data-loss avoidance with advanced replication and complete visibility of your backup infrastructure.

Join us for this deep dive that includes ExaGrid’s landing zone work and adaptive deduplication features to increase your storage performance and capacity. See how ExaGrid and Veeam solutions offer fast, scalable and cost-effective backup, along with an incredibly short backup window, which go way beyond standard disk-based data protection.

Webinar topics include:

  • Near-continuous data protection and streamlined disaster recovery
  • 6x faster backups and longer retention with the integrated ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover technology
  • Reliable, instantaneous file and VM restores
And more!
Duration: 44:12

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