Learn how to support your data growth with FlashStack

Speaker: Shawn Lieu, Kyle Grossmiller
Published : December, 2018
Learn how to support your data growth with FlashStack

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FlashStack is a modern converged infrastructure solution to support the extensive data growth you face, while providing compliance and Availability for all your data and applications.

Combining the power of the three market-leading technology providers of Veeam®, Cisco and Pure Storage, this solution delivers:

  • A high-performance, flexible and integrated infrastructure for storage, systems management, network and server needs
  • Validated architectures for the tier 1 applications that run your business
  • Availability for virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads
  • Modern data management tools to reduce your time and effort
  • Integrated data Availability and instant recovery of virtual machines (VMs), application items, data, objects, documents and more
  • Scale-out functionality in minutes to support new and changing IT services and applications
  • A streamlined buying and support experience for fast deployment
  • And more!

In this webinar taking place on Tuesday, Dec. 13, you will learn exactly how FlashStack can reduce your data complexity and delays, while ensuring the reliability of your most important applications and data.

Duration: 1:00:39

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