VPN networking made easy with Veeam PN (Powered-Network)

Speaker: Anthony Spiteri, Edward Watson
Published : September, 2018
VPN networking made easy with Veeam PN (Powered-Network)

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Networking is still one of the most complex aspects of any IT solution, and organizations need an easier way to manage their networking needs.

Veeam® PN allows administrators to create, configure and connect site-to-site or point-to-site VPN tunnels easily through an intuitive and simple UI, all within a couple of clicks. Do you have a remote office network that you want easier access into? Do you have a home lab that you want to access from anywhere in the world? Do you have workloads spread across different cloud platforms that need connecting? SDN doesn't have to be complex!

Watch this webinar on Veeam PN so you can:

  • Enable connectivity for remote offices and mobiles users
  • Enable easy access to your home lab environment
  • Connect multiple disparate clouds for Availability
Duration: 52:30

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