Why you Need to Take Control of Your Office 365 Email

Speaker: , Paul Robichaux
Published : April, 2018
Why you Need to Take Control of Your Office 365 Email

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It’s your data and you need to protect it!

All too often, IT professionals wrongly assume that since Microsoft Office 365 already resides in the cloud, there is no need to have another copy of the data.  Although Microsoft provides SLAs to keep Office 365 mailboxes up and running, the reality is – it’s your data and it remains your responsibility to protect it!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why having backups of your Office 365 email needs to be part of your business continuity plan
  • The 6 gaps every organization needs to protect against when it comes to Office 365 data protection
  • The importance of having complete control and access to your Office 365 email data – helping you avoid unnecessary data loss.
  • How you can leverage the public cloud to solve email archiving problems
Duration: 50:28

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