Key Lessons Learned by Veeam and HPE on our way to GDPR compliance

Speaker: Raymond Goh, Yogesh Hinduja
Published : May, 2018
Key Lessons Learned by Veeam and HPE  on our way to GDPR compliance

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As of May 25, 2018, businesses are overdue to get compliant with GDPR if they have not yet done so. This means compliance with the data of the over 500 million EU residents that might be your customers. Fines of €20 million or more can potentially punish any GDPR noncompliance.

GDPR Compliance is unique to each organization, as each organization and the data it uses is unique. Thus, don’t be lazy when companies and lawyers position themselves as experts and GDPR information is broadly available across the internet. After all, GDPR is far more than an IT issue and compliancy can’t necessarily be achieved by using any single software solution. The reality is that there is no clear general strategy to sort it out in a few clicks and no single software solution.

Watch this exclusive session with Veeam^®^ & Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as we discuss:

  • Key lessons and insights to help your GDPR compliance, that we learned through our own compliance
  • Accelerating your GDPR efforts today
  • Veeam solutions & HPE Pointnext services for GDPR
  • And more!
Duration: 59:11

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