How to protect against and recover from ransomware attacks on your backups

Published : May, 2017
How to protect against and recover from ransomware attacks on your backups

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Ransomware is the epitome of cyber-security threat in 2017. It has already become a multibillion dollar business and it’s not going to stop. In the last 12 months, nearly half of all US businesses have been affected by ransomware and some ransom requests have almost reached $1M.

All businesses are at risk these days. To avoid becoming a victim, you need to act now and protect your computer systems, while also planning on how to recover from ransomware in the worst-case scenario when this disaster strikes your data center. Systematic patching, regular backups, maintaining the 3-2-1-0 Rule and constantly monitoring for potential threats are the only ways to protect your data and recover your critical IT systems from a ransomware attack.

Isolation from the network of the threat is another important aspect for ransomware protection. Offline backup copies stored on tape or in the cloud cannot be accessed by the malware and will prevent encrypting files by ransomware. Additionally, multiple backup points allow you to recover easily by choosing the latest good state before file encryption.

Recent survey findings show that 84% of Veeam® customers who experienced an attack were able to recover their data from ransomware without any payoffs! Veeam Availability solutions enable proactive infrastructure monitoring and powerful capabilities to let you detect ransomware threats early, test patches before deploying them to production, and efficiently and frequently back up data and store it on multiple media and the cloud. All these will not only help you to get protected from ransomware, but will also allow you to avoid data loss and quickly recover from ransomware.

Watch the recorded webinar “How to Protect and Recover from A Ransomware Attack,” to learn how Veeam can help you mitigate data loss and recover from ransomware if your data falls under attack. In this webinar, you’ll also discover and see live demos on:

  • How to use Veeam On-Demand Sandbox™ to streamline and automate patch management
  • How to use Veeam ONE™ alerts to detect suspicious behavior and ransomware attacks as they happen
  • How to rapidly recover encrypted files
  • And more!
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