Veeam ONE Scalability Best Practices

Speaker: Kevin Ridings
Published : January, 2018
Veeam ONE Scalability Best Practices

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Once you deploy Veeam® ONE™ there are several configuration questions to answer to achieve the best performance for your infrastructure. How many vCPUs do you need for your Veeam ONE and SQL servers? What about RAM, disk, OS? Do you need a dedicated server for each component? What are the new scalability modes and how do you customize them? Is there a way to filter unneeded performance metrics and objects?

This webinar will answer all these and many other questions providing best practices based on our internal research and proved by clients with formidable virtual and backup infrastructures. Besides current recommendation, there is to be a sneak peek of new scalability features coming in v10. As a bonus, you will be offered right-sizing tools which help you choose a suitable scalability mode and calculate the size of the Veeam ONE database.

Using this knowledge, you will be able to significantly improve your monitoring and management efforts no matter how big your environment is.

Duration: 38:57

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