Why and how to protect ROBO and EDGE data

Speaker: Jason Buffington
Published : April, 2018
Why and how to protect ROBO and EDGE data

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Between regulatory pressures and the increasing incidents of malware, combined with an ever broadening and diverse workforce, it’s never been more important to protect all your data. This means remote and branch offices (ROBO) as well as endpoint devices that workers rely on daily. It is no longer sufficient to simply protect data centers and trust those professionals on the edge to responsibly safeguard themselves.

Join Jason Buffington, Sr. Director, Product Strategy and Melissa Palmer, Sr. Technologist, as they discuss:

  • Challenges of protecting non-data center based data, including ROBO and Edge
  • How to ensure the comprehensive assurance and operational synergy from the ROBO to the data center
  • How Veeam® technologies deliver reliable protection and recovery on the Edge
  • And much more!
Duration: 38:56

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