Sysadmins: Who Needs a DBA? With Brent Ozar

Speaker: Brent Ozar, Jason Acord
Published : September, 2015
Sysadmins: Who Needs a DBA? With Brent Ozar
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Your apps store data in SQL Server, but do you have enough work to keep a full-time DBA busy? In just one session, Brent Ozar, SQL Server celebrity, will help you with DBA tips and tricks to get ahead without a DBA involved. You’ll get five easy steps toward fast, reliable SQL Servers, and see what you can easily do by yourself for SQL Server database administration.

Brent Ozar will give you SQL server DBA tips on how to define the amount of data you can lose in case of disaster, allocate sufficient memory to your SQL Server, improve the SQL Server performance and use database roles for security. Brent will also give you links to additional useful resources on SQL Server database administration, including worksheets on calculating the tolerable data loss and free tools for an SQL query instrumentation.

Join this SQL DBA tips webinar now and learn the basics of SQL Server performance troubleshooting, backup, index tuning and security. In his unique branded manner, Brent Ozar will teach you how to take basic care of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, or 2014 and give you scripts to keep you out of trouble. You’ll also learn how Veeam enables SQL Server Availability and allows for simple, fast and worry-free SQL database restores.

Duration: 43:25

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