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Today, organizations are challenged with exponential data growth, and rely on multiple backup and data protection solutions to manage their data. Even then, they lack confidence that their data is backed up and protected.

When used together with our Alliances backup appliances solutions, Veeam® provides the industry's leading combination of secondary storage and Availability software, offering benefits such as faster backup performance, improved RTOs and RPOs, cost savings, ease of use and stronger security.

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Alliance partners + Veeam deliver Availability solutions with proven, best-of-breed architectures that are right for you. Whether you choose a solution integrated with our partners’ servers and storage or a target appliance, Veeam provides Availability for the Always on Enterprise™.  Either way, you get industry-leading Availability that’s storage-agnostic, cloud-ready and can support the 24.7.365 demands of the Always-On Enterprise™.



Veeam and Cisco have collaborated to offer validated and tested Availability solutions based on Cisco UCS C240 & S3260 and Veeam Availability Suite™. Utilizing the unique Cisco UCS server storage architecture, these solutions come in a variety of base configurations sized and verified for recommended workloads. These solutions offer:

  • Rapid restores for critical applications
  • Advanced VM replication for disaster recovery (DR)
  • Unmatched price/performance
  • Verified protection assuring that you can recover what you need, when and where you need it
  • Cloud-ready to backup or replicate to the cloud

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Veeam’s enhanced integration with Dell EMC Data Domain Boost delivers Availability with faster backups, source side deduplication and data in-flight encryption. Veeam and Data Domain help maximize the benefits of your deduplication solution by reducing resource utilization on the array, improving available bandwidth and increasing backup performance up to 15x. Plus, the security of your backups will increase with data in-flight encryption over the WAN to off-site Data Domain appliances.

Dell EMC Data Domain with Veeam provides benefits such as:

  • Up to 50% faster backup performance with advanced source-side deduplication
  • 10x faster synthetic full backup file creation and transformation for even shorter backup windows
  • Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity support, enabling LAN-free backup to Data Domain
  • Increased security by encrypting data in-flight over the WAN to off-site Data Domain appliances

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ExaGrid systems fully leverage the built-in, backup-to-disk capabilities of Veeam Backup & Replication™ and ExaGrid’s zone-level data deduplication for additional data reduction — and cost reduction — over standard disk solutions. Customers can use Veeam Backup & Replication’s built-in source-side deduplication in concert with ExaGrid’s disk-based backup system with zone-level deduplication to further shrink backups.

The ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover integrated with ExaGrid appliances allows all backups, restores and recoveries to complete faster. The Veeam backup server more efficiently inter-operates with its own Veeam data mover using optimized Veeam communications versus generic CIFS. In addition, the entire synthetic full operation occurs on the ExaGrid appliance, eliminating the need to move data between the Veeam backup server and backup storage, which greatly reduces the time to complete a synthetic full backup.

ExaGrid provides advanced features for Veeam including:

  • A landing zone for fast backups and VM boots in a deduplication appliance
  • Support of Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository™ for automated, scale-out backups to backup storage
  • Scale-out storage architecture for performance scalability and a fixed-length backup window as data grows
  • Data encryption for replicating over the WAN
  • Strong security and private, hybrid and public cloud disaster recovery support

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Veeam’s integration with HPE StoreOnce delivers efficiency and Availability for the Always-On Enterprise with reduced backups, shorter restore times and versatile granular recovery including Instant VM Recovery® for a single, efficient and secure data backup and recovery solution.

Insuring your data with HPE StoreOnce and Veeam Availability Suite means you can be confident that it is protected, recoverable and readily available. This allows you to meet stringent backup windows while reducing your management overhead, complexity and cost.

Adding Veeam to HPE StoreOnce provides benefits such as:

  • Catalyst support for 3x faster backup and restore performance than traditional NAS protocols
  • Faster synthetic full backup file creation and transformation for even shorter backup windows
  • Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity support, enabling LAN-free backup to HPE StoreOnce
  • Support for Instant VM Recovery to quickly restore VMs directly from StoreOnce

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Quantum DXi deduplication appliances now feature integration with Veeam Data Mover, enabling customers using DXi appliances the ability to accelerate some of Veeam’s more advanced features such as Instant VM Recovery® and synthetic full backups. Quantum DXi appliances take advantage of StorNext data management software to maximize performance workflows stored on disk, online storage, tape or in the cloud. DXi appliances will also be added to the user interface of Veeam Backup & Replication v10.

With Quantum and Veeam, customers can:

  • Reduce backup application costs versus traditional backup applications
  • Reduce backup windows and improve utilization rates of production VMs
  • Dramatically improve recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) for Tier-1 applications
  • Achieve optimal balance between performance and cost using Quantum’s Hybrid Storage with intelligent storage tiering
  • Enable efficient data movement by minimizing network bandwidth usage when replicating across sites, or to the cloud

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