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End-to-end encryption

Secure your backup data
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Backup encryption is essential for any IT environment and shouldn’t have to be purchased separately. Veeam® delivers built-in end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption, giving you the ability to encrypt backup files and data at source (during backup), in flight and at rest.
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The power of “built-in” encryption

Relying on third-party encryption tools results in a lack of awareness of the content and context of your backups. In fact, most data reduction algorithms break when they hit encrypted data streams.

With Veeam, end-to-end encryption is built-in and Veeam data reduction technologies like compression, deduplication and WAN Acceleration maintain their efficiency when used with Veeam encrypted backups.

Veeam Backup & Replication secures your data with end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption.

Lost password protection

Even if you lose or forget the password, you can still recover data from encrypted backup files with the help of Veeam Enterprise Manager.

For most organizations, a lost password means lost data. You don’t have to be most organizations. With Veeam, end-to-end encryption gives you lost password protection of your encrypted backups without compromising security.

How does it work?

  1. Each Veeam backup file is encrypted by a randomly generated encryption key.
  2. Each backup encryption key has two passwords. A backup job password created by the admin and a public key automatically generated behind the scenes by the Veeam Enterprise Manager and pushed out to all backup servers.
  3. If someone forgets the backup job password, or the admin leaves the company, using a challenge/response system in Enterprise Manager you can still access your data without sacrificing security.

Encryption flexibility

With Veeam’s AES 256-bit encryption, you have the ability to secure your data:

  • during a backup, before it leaves your network perimeter
  • during movement between components (e.g., proxy to repository traffic), for when data must stay unencrypted at the target
  • while your backup data is at rest in its final destination (e.g., disc, tape or cloud), perfect for sending encrypted backups off site using Backup Copy jobs with Built-in WAN Acceleration

You also have flexibility over when and where you choose to encrypt backups. For example, you can leave local Veeam backups unencrypted for faster backup and restore performance, but encrypt backups that are copied to an offsite target, tape or the cloud. You can also protect different backups with different passwords, while actual encryption keys are generated randomly within each session for added backup encryption security.

Veeam Backup & Replication secures data in-flight as it is transferred between components.

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