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Protect everything anywhere. Scale to win.

Unleash effective protection for all your data, regardless of state or location. Reduce recovery and compliance risk to meet your objectives head-on. Scale confidently to the level that best meets your business needs. It’s time to be flexible as everything needs to be protected — cloud, virtual, physical — it’s all part of your data center now. Rely on the simplicity that only Veeam can deliver with comprehensive backups of everything that runs your business.
Backup capability
Backup everything everywhere protected

Everything, everywhere — protected

Databases. Applications. User data. Effective protection for everything on premises and in the cloud without the restrictions or complexity of legacy backup.
Backup crush your backup objectives

Align your backup objectives

SLAs, retention, compliance: align your objectives with supercharged backups and automated intelligent life cycle management specialized for your backup data.
Backup simple scalable protection

Simple, scalable protection

Scaling doesn't have to be an expensive, time-consuming process. Small teams through well-staffed enterprises will find automating with Veeam a painless endeavor.

Assemble your backup strategy

Simple, flexible, reliable and powerful capabilities that modernize protection
Backup designed for speed

Built for speed

Backups complete quickly with image-based, single pass backups that leverage VM, hardware and OS snapshots.

Backup built to be portable

Portable by design

Veeam’s backup format is designed to be portable across multiple clouds, platforms, environments and hardware.

Easy to control

Easy to control

Quickly realize the power of Veeam with wizards, policies and an intuitive UI that’s easy for any administrator to master.

Protect everything

Protect everything

Automate discovery and backup of supported VMs, servers, applications and databases for complete data protection, now including Kubernetes.

Backup speak the native language

Speak the native language

Enjoy fast, low-impact backups via integration with native tools, including Microsoft VSS, Oracle RMAN, SAP Backint and Kubernetes API.

Backup data stays safe

Data stays safe

Ransomware stays out — 100% ransomware-proof backups with S3 Object Lock functionality and immutable backups.

Backup just add storage

Flexible storage options

Alliance Partners offer high-performance primary backup, object and tape storage with tested “Veeam Ready” solutions.

Backup scale infinitely

Scale with ease

Add any storage into Scale-out Backup Repository to create a logical pool that can be easily targeted for backups.

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It Just Works

Guarantee recovery with trusted backups that are automatically tested to detect cyberthreats and bad configurations.



What does modern backup mean?
Modern backup is about much more than just data protection and basic recovery. To tackle the modern problems of today and tomorrow, you must consider how you can use your backup software and data to help future-proof and free up resources and people through automation, as well as how to reuse this data to empower new and existing processes. To future-proof, Veeam provides the confidence that you are always protected, even as your environment evolves. Intelligent automation discovers new workloads and applications to determine the best process for successful backup and verified recovery. Leverage fresh production data in your backup by using Veeam to instantly restore virtual machines (VMs) in a sandbox environment for faster application development. By taking advantage of these built-in modern backup capabilities that can help you do more with less, you can deliver on time, every time.
How does backup help me meet compliance goals?

Most modern data protection solutions provide some type of automated discovery, which can leverage your directory services, VM tagging and other methods to see that everything gets identified and subsequently protected.

Direct integration with native application and database tools, including VSS, RMAN and SAP Backint, properly quiesce or “freeze” apps so that no data is missed during the backup snapshot.

Products like Veeam Backup & Replication automate security to keep your backup data safe from cyberthreats. Native immutable backups and immutable backups stored in the cloud ensure that your data cannot be deleted, encrypted or altered in any way for the duration of its life cycle.

Why is scalability important for backup?

Scale is necessary in varying amounts across different businesses and verticals. For backup, scale is typically needed in the following areas:

  • Backup management
  • Backup storage
  • Additional infrastructure to support backup (SAN, backup networks, etc.)

Depending on your company and data sizes, you will see scalability needed first in either backup management or storage. For management, scale is critical and is commonly realized through an intuitive UI that can manage all of your backup assets from on premises to the cloud. For storage, scale is needed to store your backup data for longer periods of time, including taking advantage of cold storage in the cloud.

Veeam makes things simple with flexible storage options through agnostic storage requirements and a strong alliance of “Veeam-powered” partners and service providers who are ready to help with a product that “just works”.

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