Become a Top-Tier Backup Reseller

Today’s business landscape demands adaptability and growth, especially when it comes to data protection. Cybercriminals are constantly evolving and getting smarter, so you must too. A large part of staying one step ahead of the hackers is working toward becoming more proactive vs. reactive when it comes to building and updating your customers’ cybersecurity strategies.

Backup Resellers

At least 96% of organizations around the globe back up their data. Those who don’t back up their data are missing a critical step, which means an untapped market for you. Being a backup reseller means helping businesses ensure that they can recover from any disruption, whether that be a natural disaster, a ransomware attack, or something else. No matter the cause, recovery needs to be quick and efficient so that any disruption is minimal and hardly detectable to anyone else. Being a backup reseller also means taking advantage of this market by working with a data protection company to sell products that help your customers protect their last line of defense – their backups. Backup resellers play a key role in data protection and act as a connection between their customer base and the solutions they need to stay safe. As a reseller, this gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a strong and trusted ally for your customers by connecting them with the best solutions to fit their business.

Key Attributes of Successful Backup Resellers

The most successful resellers will have:  

  • Expertise in data backup solutions. When partnering with a data protection company, you must be an expert in that company’s products in order to connect your customers with the specific solutions that fit their business.
  • Strong vendor partnerships. Fostering a strong relationship with your backup vendor means having access to the newest and most accurate sales information to elevate your relationship into a true partnership.
  • Effective communication with clients. Keep an open line of communication with your clients to both get a sense of what their needs are, and make sure that whatever solution they purchase from you is a perfect fit.
  • Compliance and certifications in data security. Stay up to date on your data security compliance and certifications. As a backup reseller, your customers need to see you as an expert in data security. Facing a breach of your own will not only damage your business’s reputation but the selling relationship you have with your customers as well.

Challenges Faced by Backup Resellers

Becoming a backup reseller can be a good move for your business, but there are some important challenges you need to be prepared for:

  • Rapidly evolving data threats. The world of cyberthreats is constantly evolving, and this is something you need to stay in step with, both as a reseller and as a company. It’s no longer a question of if you’ll face an attack, but when. This means you need to be prepared for a breach so you and your customers can bounce back without a hitch.
  • Competition in the backup solutions market. There are a wide variety of vendors that sell products similar to the ones you’re reselling, and it can sometimes be hard to differentiate yourself and your vendor’s products from what else is out there. This is why it’s paramount that you are very familiar with what solutions you’re reselling so you can effectively differentiate yourself and your vendor from the rest of the market.
  • Maintaining customer trust and reputation management. Building and retaining a solid relationship with your customers as a backup reseller doesn’t only mean serving as an expert for your clients but keeping your own company’s reputation strong as well. This requires that you stay on the cutting edge of data protection trends and hold no margin of error when it comes to downtime for your own company.

Benefits of Partnering With Backup Resellers

There are benefits to partnering with backup resellers, including:

  • Access to specialized backup solutions. Resellers are aware of the unique facets of your specific business and can recommend products that are suited for your company’s particular needs.
  • Cost-effective data protection options. Working with specifically a backup reseller poses a great opportunity to offer solutions that are powered by Backup as a Service (BaaS), like Cirrus. This provides you with the opportunity to better protect your customers’ BaaS environments.
  • Ongoing support and updates. Having a close relationship with a reseller partner means you now have continuous access to support and solution updates.

Veeam Value Added Resellers (VVARs) Program

Veeam data recovery solutions have something for every situation, whether that be in the cloud or a physical, virtual, or SaaS platform. We make sure you’re always covered, whether you’re performing a large-scale recovery or working at the most granular levels of data protection.

Our award-winning Veeam Value Added Reseller (VVAR) program helps you build your business by reselling technology that’s designed to help your customers stay ahead of vulnerabilities. When you partner with our network of ProPartners, you can better offer the data backup and recovery solutions your customers need while taking advantage of our ProPartner Network’s breadth of experience.

Key Components of the VVAR Program

Becoming a VVAR comes with a ton of benefits, and increasing your level of partnership increases the number of benefits you can access. There are four levels of VVARs: Registered, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Your level is determined by your annual revenue, number of certifications, and whether you include Veeam branding on your website.

The first major feature of the VVAR program is the Deal Registration Program, where you can earn points of margin when you close business with Veeam and register your deals on the portal.

Select partners can also access Partner Marketing Development Funds (PMDF) for co-funded activities, and most partners can access Veeam Marketing Center for targeted lead generation campaigns to help raise awareness and create leads. Becoming a VVAR also gives you access to Veeam competitor information, Veeam success stories, and courses on VeeamIQ to strengthen your Veeam knowledge and help you land more deals.

Veeam’s Approach to Backup for Data Protection

When deciding to become a reseller for a company, you want to make sure you’re partnering with a company that offers products that are easy to sell and can truly offer value to your customers. Your reputation is on the line after all!

The good news is, you’re safe partnering with Veeam. We know that data disruptions are now a given, and we believe it’s no longer enough to just bounce back from an attack. We now need to bounce forward, rather than simply bouncing back, and learn from each incident to advance security and keep business running. A large part of this is protecting your backups, since when your data is compromised or destroyed, your backups are the only thing that remains between you and the cybercriminals landing a successful attack.

What Sets VVARs Apart?

Our VVARs are much more to us than just backup resellers — they’re partners. That’s why we provide so many additional programs outside of rewarding you for landing Veeam deals. We offer features that can help you strengthen your business, like our Veeam Competency Program, which gives resellers the chance to earn competencies in areas like ransomware and disaster recovery (DR), public cloud protection, Microsoft 365, and container protection, all specialized for your region whether you’re in AMER, EMEA, or APJ.

Your success is truly our success, so we provide you with robust training opportunities, certifications, and communication avenues with our community of partners to help you maximize profit. Our award-winning VVAR program helps you build your business on our technology that’s designed to keep customers ahead of change and vulnerabilities.

Case Studies of Successful VVARs


Veeam’s direct integration with Lenovo V Series (i.e., Spectrum Virtualize) storage provides additional capabilities that deliver increased IT automation for backup and DR processes and the increased flexibility to leverage storage snapshots with Veeam DataLabs.


We’ve been added to Cisco’s Global Price List, meaning that now, Cisco and its resellers can deliver our solutions with any Cisco product. We are also honored to announce that we’ve been named Cisco’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of the Year!

Ingram Micro Canada

We’ve developed a strong distribution relationship with Ingram Micro Canada, which is part of the world’s largest IT distributor. Ingram Micro Canada offers Veeam’s full line of data protection solutions to its resellers in Canada.

Become a VVAR

When you resell with Veeam, you can rest easy knowing that we are dedicated to helping you land deals and increase your profit by reselling with us. If you’re interested in growing your business with the power of Veeam, read more about the program and register to be a VVAR!

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