WHO is backing up hybrid cloud (IaaS & PaaS) and HOW are they doing it?

Welcome to the third installment of our Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023 blog series. In our previous livestream, we discussed some of the research findings from the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023, which surveyed 1,700 “as a Service” administrators, including those responsible for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) for file services and/or databases. Veeam contracts with independent research firms to ask questions on an assortment of topics – including the adoption trends for both IaaS and PaaS scenarios. This time around, we’re looking at the responsible roles and their preferred mechanisms for protected production data within IaaS and PaaS platforms:


This research revealed a few key truths, all of which have implications for data protection strategies in a multi- and hybrid-cloud world:

  • There are a variety of roles that are determining the requirements and strategies for protecting IaaS and PaaS data, but for most organizations, it is still the backup team that is conducting the backups themselves.
  • Backup teams are managing the backups by 2:1 over the cloud administrators, which is a good sign on the maturity of the production platforms and the related data protection strategies. When the IaaS/PaaS organization is also utilizing BaaS or DRaaS, the service provider conducts the backups in about 25% of cases, with the remainder still 2:1 between the backup team and the cloud team.
  • Unfortunately, there appears to still be too many organizations that assume that because the IaaS/PaaS platforms might be more durable or resilient, that backup isn’t necessary. They are wrong.

As organizations are faced with lower tolerance for data loss, and as ransomware and other cyberattacks become an all-too-real occurrence, it’s now an imperative that organizations assemble their data protection teams to ensure there’s no gaps in coverage. Veeam’s inherent centralized management offers backup teams the visibility, command and control necessary to standardize data protection strategies. Veeam also has capabilities built natively for IaaS and PaaS, ensuring cloud administrators, engineers and architects have a seamless experience as they manage and monitor the protection of their services.

We discussed these ideas and more on our Nov. 29th, 2022 livestream and throughout this blog series:

  1. Announcing the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023
  2. IaaS/PaaS usage adoption
  3. IaaS/PaaS backup roles and methods
  4. What is BaaS? And why BaaS or DRaaS?
  5. Considerations when choosing a BaaS/DRaaS provider
  6. M365 backup roles & methods

Download the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023 or your region’s executive brief here:

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