MSP Considerations when choosing BaaS & DRaaS in 2023

Welcome to another installment in our ongoing series from the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023, which surveyed 1,700 “as a Service” administrators, including those utilizing Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Veeam contracts with independent research firms to ask questions on an assortment of topics – including what customers are looking for from their Managed Service Providers (MSP) when consuming BaaS or DRaaS services:

This research revealed a few key truths related to those utilizing cloud-powered data protection:

  • Today, 42% use self-managed cloud storage, and 58% utilize managed BaaS
  • While 30% have stayed with their original storage or BaaS choice, 70% switched from their original method to the other. Of those that switched, over 2 to 1 switched from cloud storage TO managed BaaS, instead of the reverse.
  • In fact, nearly half (48%) of respondents started with simple cloud storage “tiering” but later switched to managed BaaS. One might presume this is due to recognizing that while cloud storage may offer survivable data, the best value of BaaS and DRaaS comes from the outsourced management and gained expertise.

How much “management” do subscribers want from their Managed Service Provider?

  • Nearly 1/3 (31%) want their MSP to provide “white-glove” or “turn-key” outsourced services
  • Nearly half (46%) still intend on running their own backup processes with their own IT staff
  • The remaining 23% plan for a balanced partnering between their IT staff and the MSP

We find that organizations leverage Veeam partners for a myriad of reasons, from solving resource constraints and lack of expertise to simply making their arduous auditing and compliance processes smoother, freeing up months of work annually. Regardless of your reason, one thing is clear: one-size BaaS or DRaaS solutions don’t fit all — and organizations need flexibility when choosing how to protect their data and who will manage it. With Veeam, you get that flexibility and choice, but regardless of HOW it’s protected, you have the consistency of Veeam.

If you’re considering utilizing the solutions and services of a third party for data protection, Veeam has an exceptional ecosystem of MSPs to choose from. But we know with an ecosystem of 11k+ partners, it can still be a difficult choice. That’s why we’ve removed the complexity for you and developed the Veeam Competency Program. This program highlights partners who have Veeam-verified expertise in areas around BaaS for Microsoft 365, managed and off-site BaaS, DRaaS, and coming soon, BaaS for the public cloud. If you’re thinking about a BaaS or DRaaS solution, learn more at BaaS and DRaaS on

We’ll be discussing these ideas and more on our Livestream on Jan. 3rd, 2023 and throughout this blog series:

  1. Announcing the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023
  2. IaaS/PaaS usage adoption
  3. IaaS/PaaS backup roles and methods
  4. What is BaaS? And why BaaS or DRaaS?
  5. Considerations when choosing a BaaS/DRaaS provider
  6. Long-term retention for IaaS/PaaS/SaaS data
  7. M365 backup roles & methods

Download the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023 or your region’s executive brief here:

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