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While Veeam started with the Virtual Machine, so much has changed in our journey. Veeam customers have many options at their disposal to be flexible and pivot when their landscape and needs change. We are no longer working in a static world.  Organizations have data across the globe, in many data centers, Colos, and clouds and it’s constantly changing.  Whether on servers, HCI, dedicated appliances, etc., customers need to ensure your precious data can be protected.  We need to think of redundancies, compliance, uptime, malware protection, and recovery across thousands of workloads, some physical, some virtualized, and some cloud. It’s constantly evolving and your data protection solution should be there to meet your ever-changing needs. Veeam Data Platform is here to meet your needs now and into the future!

Let’s Start With Virtual, the Defacto Answer for Most Organizations

Looking for other Hypervisors? Veeam has your Back(up)! With support for many of the leading solutions, Veeam is here to support your needs. Whether it’s VMware by Broadcom vSphere and vSphere+, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, or Red Hat Virtualization. Even “VMware on (insert hyperscaler name here),” Veeam has the flexible options to fit your needs. In fact, Veeam has supported multiple hypervisors for years, with a very large contingent of our install base using Hyper-V and Nutanix. There’s more capability and choice here for Veeam customers, with even more to come. So, if your hypervisor needs change, Veeam is here to help!

Cloud is Here to Stay, and You’re Likely Using it Already

For the last four years, Veeam Data Platform has offered support for protecting your data in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. In fact, we just released the latest versions of these three major hyperscalers to add even greater protection. And yes, it’s included with Veeam Data Platform across all of the offering tiers with our amazing portable, flexible and universal subscription.    Some aren’t familiar, but let’s be clear. Just because the data is in the cloud, doesn’t mean it’s backed up! This is your responsibility, and Veeam is here to help provide you with benefits for data protection no matter where it may reside in your hybrid cloud environment. Also, Veeam is happy to be the leader in multi-cloud protection, as many have data in multiple clouds, this is where we shine.

Enterprise Applications

Let’s be honest, while all data is ones and zeros, it’s really about the applications that you’re running. Whether these are simply the basic productivity suite or the massive databases housing your most critical applications, it’s the applications that you need to protect. Veeam Data Platform is here to help! Whether it’s Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SharePoint, Active Directory, Exchange, or Microsoft 365, we have the solution to protect your applications.     

Unstructured Data

As an increasing number of organizations adopt object storage as a primary storage location, the need to protect that data has become ever more important. Although object storage provides incredible durability to safeguard against dangers such as bit rot, threats still exist. Whether it is the accidental deletion of data, or maybe a ransomware attack, regardless of the risk, that data still needs to be protected. The latest version of Veeam Data Platform launched Backup of Object Storage in December 2023. Add this to our other unstructured data backup solutions for NAS, File Shares, and Tape, and we are here to protect your data no matter what, or where, it is.

Cybersecurity is the Name of the Game

From day one, security was part of our design. We didn’t rebrand ourselves to be a security company or pretend to be something we weren’t. But, cybersecurity and malware detection, as well as a Zero Trust architecture, has always been at the top of our priorities. We abide by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 and their best practices. In fact, this year, we launched some massive security features in our Veeam Data Platform 23H2 release and our VeeamON Resiliency Summit was the event where we stopped and really focused on the malware and cyber security benefits that Veeam had to offer. There were several new announcements as well as some key integrations with many industry leading security partners and SIEM tools, with many more on the way. Check out this demo for some of the latest features.

Hardware Agnostic

You’ve heard it before. Software-defined and hardware agnostic. We’re proud of this. This gives you the ability to install Veeam on your choice of hardware, using your storage and your cloud.   Flexibility is key, and so is not being locked into a proprietary and costly appliance that, while seeming easy, doesn’t really provide the advanced security that is promised. Whether you need to add more storage as a backup target, or possibly enhance your data protection at a branch office, you have the freedom to choose the underlying hardware that is the best fit for your architecture, expectations, and budget.

Why spend extra money on unneeded resources like CPU and memory, when all you need is some additional storage capacity? Veeam again is here to provide you with Choice. The Veeam Ready ecosystem of supported and certified hardware vendors is the industry largest and is ever-expanding.

Backup as a Service

Some customers prefer to leave the infrastructure hassles to someone else, and just worry about the service itself.  Many may have heard that we’ve made strides here launching Backup as a Service for Microsoft 365 and Azure, as Cirrus by Veeam, with more offers to come very soon. Also, the broad ecosystem of Veeam Service Providers have been delivering award winning backup as a service and value-added services and features on Veeam offerings for many years!


Yes, containers are important and with the Kasten K10 offering by Veeam, we are in the leadership position for Kubernetes data protection today and into the future. If you are considering moving to containers, including RedHat OpenShift, Kasten K10 is vetted to provide powerful support for your Kubernetes nodes. Veeam Data Platform can centralize your management, leverage your existing skillsets with familiar tools, and provide the confidence you need to know that your data is safe.

Flexible Licensing That Makes Supporting What you Need Easy

The industry has shifted to subscription for flexibility and added feature value. Veeam launched our move to subscription and have seen massive customer adoption. Part of this success is due to the flexibility of the Veeam Universal License (VUL) which allows customers to protect any workload (Cloud, Virtual, Physical Enterprise Apps, and Unstructured Data) anywhere (On Premises, Hybrid, and Multi Cloud) with one single, flexible license. No longer are users locked into a license that is locked into a single hypervisor or single location. Going on year five of VUL, the adoption and flexibility has been beyond our expectations. Still on an older perpetual license, upgrading to VUL is now at the lowest price ever, now at same price you pay today, with price protection in out years. Or contact our expert upgrade team today.

Pricing That fits Your Needs

Of course, pricing and Total Cost of Ownership are key considerations we all face when making business decisions. Whether that decision is about hardware, software, or cloud, it’s top of mind for many. We are aware of the massive software price increases and changes that were announced recently, many of which are impacting your bottom line. Veeam has worked hard to keep the Veeam Data Platform subscription prices competitive and predictable. You’ve trusted us and we are here to assist you.

Veeam Data Platform Does so Much More

In addition to the broad support for various platforms across Cloud, Virtual, and Physical, Veeam Data Platform offers more than just backup to round out your Cyber Resilience objectives.   Veeam offers various ways to back up, but there are even more options for recovery, no matter what your RTO and RPO needs are. Recovery is key, and Veeam provides organizations with options for granular, instant, and orchestrated recovery options. 

What is orchestrated recovery and why do we care? Organizations environments are usually large, with many layers of VMs, cloud and beyond. When disaster strikes, restoring tens or hundreds of workers can be a daunting task. That’s where orchestration comes in. It’s your tested, documented, and proven way to recover your environment fast, in the configuration you prescribe when the pressure is on. 

Monitoring your data protection environment is also a key part of safeguarding your enterprise data and ensuring security. Features like the Veeam Threat Center keep businesses aware of their security posture with tips on gaps and areas to improve their defenses.


2024 is going to be another amazing year and Veeam is here to help you achieve Radical Resilience and keep your business running!  Our ethos is built around choice and flexibility, allowing our customers to constantly have the power to choose what, how, and where they protect their data. No matter if you are the largest global enterprise or a small business with critical data to protect, Veeam Data Platform has a solution for you.

Customers have trusted us for over 16 years, and data shows that you’ve voted us #1 in simplicity, reliability, and flexibility over and over again. The Gartner Magic Quadrant and IDC and Gartner research shows Veeam as the #1 vendor.


We are here to be your trusted partner for radical resilience by giving you the choice YOU need to protect and recover what YOU need, when and where YOU need it!


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