Hybrid Cloud Optimization: Protect More and Recover Faster With V12

The Wide, Wonderful Cloud Frontier

The cloud — a seemingly monolithic, flippant catch-all term for what is an amorphous, complex ecosystem of platforms, software, APIs and design principles. For those dipping their toe in the cloud waters, it can seem like a vast wilderness, full of quicksand traps and unknown creatures, all there to catch you on your back foot.

But the time is now to embrace the cloud, tackling it piece-by-piece to harness all it has to offer. With V12, we’ve developed an array of cloud-ready capabilities designed to help you successfully leverage the scalability of the cloud, avoid configuration and networking pitfalls and expand your reach to ensure your organization employs a standardized, operationally consistent data protection plan — regardless of where your data resides.


Protect More With V12

As workloads move to the cloud, its critical backup teams extend their sphere of control beyond the data center. While the cloud is highly available, it’s not immune or resilient against many of the same threats to availability that exist in the data center: accidental deletion, downtime and ransomware attacks.

Extending Veeam to IaaS and PaaS environments gives backup teams the peace of mind that they have an operationally consistent approach to back up across environments, and a policy-based, standardized approach to BC/DR. Plus, Veeam offers the inherent architecture and platform support cloud architects and engineers look for when evaluating solutions, making it a zero-compromise choice for backup and cloud teams alike.

Immutable Backups in Veeam Backup for AWS and Microsoft Azure

Veeam Backup for AWS and Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure are two product offerings in Veeam’s cloud-native solution set. Deployed as backup proxy appliances via their respective cloud marketplaces, these solutions provide policy-based protection and flexible recovery options — all with centralized management via the Veeam Backup & Replication console.

New for Veeam Backup for AWS v6 and Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v5 (both expected to be released in March 2023) is support for immutable backups. To maintain data integrity in the face of threats, like cybersecurity attacks, new immutable backup support employs WORM state logic — Write Once, Ready Many. This ensures data cannot be tampered with once it is written to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) — using Amazon S3 Object Lock — or Azure Blob.

New Support for PostgreSQL in Veeam Backup for Google Cloud

Veeam Backup for Google Cloud is another offering in the cloud-native solution set and comes with its own set of enhancements for this latest wave of Veeam releases. From large-scale, complex enterprise installations to small, targeted environments, Veeam needs to be able to scale to meet all customer needs. Veeam Backup for Google Cloud v4 (now available) enhances scalability, while simplifying backup management processes and policy performance by managing multiple projects from a single service account and the targeting of Google Cloud Folders, ensuring for an optimized experience fit for all.

Plus, V4 extends Google Cloud service support to PostgreSQL instances and databases, bringing critical databases under the same control plane for recovery of entire instances or individual databases.  

Centralized Management of Kubernetes Backups

Purpose-built for Kubernetes, Kasten K10 is the final piece to Veeam’s cloud-native solution set. As containers continue to offer a streamlined mechanism to build, test, deploy and redeploy applications, backup and restore are becoming common-place toolsets to migrate, meet compliance requirements and maintain security.

New in V12, K10 instances can now be registered with a Veeam Backup & Replication server, enabling backup teams to view policies, sessions and backups in one location — whether those backups are stored in Veeam backup repositories or in another location.

Expanded Options for Cloud Backups

For users looking to leverage the Veeam Agents they know and trust for data center and edge backup in cloud-based environments, the Veeam Agents now offer a host of integrations with cloud services to support application-aware backup and recovery with optimized discovery and management.

To ensure ease of network management, and to mitigate security concerns, agents deployed on cloud machines will be managed via cloud APIs without direct network connection to those protected machines. Plus, creation of protection groups for multiple machines can be created via identical public cloud management constructs.


Recover Faster With V12

The cloud offers the elasticity and on-demand resources many organizations crave for disaster recovery, dev/test scenarios and more. But many find the platforms, networking headaches and costs a challenge to control, making recovery to and from the cloud a pipe dream… that is, unless you use Veeam!

New Immutable Storage for Azure Blob in Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository

As Veeam endeavors to be the least-prescriptive vendor on the market, we are always seeking platform expansion opportunities with our partner ecosystem. New for V12 is immutability support for Azure Blob.

As edge devices backup to object storage, and data center backups scale to capacity and archive tiers, Azure Blob has consistently provided support for the Veeam user base. Now with V12, users can configure immutability policies for Azure Blob — ensuring less data loss and faster recoveries in the face of a ransomware attack.

If you’re ready to try-out, or optimize your Scale-out Backup Repository deployment, check out a demo from the Veeam Team!

Recover to Microsoft Azure with Veeam Recovery Orchestrator

Veeam Recovery Orchestrator is the dynamic, 1-click recovery add-on every organization should be using. New for Veeam Recovery Orchestrator v6 is a capability called Cloud DR. Now with Cloud DR, users can orchestrate the recovery of any backup as a VM in Azure, ensuring great coverage for DR planning, and worry-free recovery in the face of a real-life recovery scenario.

Checkout a demo from the Veeam Team to see the feature in-action!

Reliable, low-RPO DRaaS with CDP support for VCCR and VCD

For many, full failover into the cloud is the ultimate dream of any disaster recovery plan. But cloud complexities create a huge barrier to entry, especially for Tier 1 workloads.

Veeam partners with a network of cloud providers around the world using a connection gateway called Veeam Cloud Connect. With every release, Veeam Cloud Connect becomes more and more advanced, returning on the promise of cloud each time. New for Veeam Cloud Connect in V12, service providers can offer Continuous Data Protection (CDP), making reliable, low-RPO possible with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).  

Multi-cloud visibility from Veeam ONE

All of these benefits would be nothing without observability. If you can’t be confident in your recovery coverage, then you’re only meeting half the challenge. With Veeam ONE in V12, Veeam’s comprehensive monitoring and analytics add-on now offers expanded support for Microsoft 365, AWS (including EC2, RDS, EFS and VPC), Microsoft Azure (including VMs, SQL Databases and Azure Files) and Google Cloud (including Compute Engines and Cloud SQL databases). This is a new level of multi-cloud visibility, giving you the confidence that your organization’s data is recoverable in the data center, at the edge or in the cloud.  

Ready to upgrade?

The Veeam Team is here to help you start using these features TODAY! Check out the V12 Upgrade Center in the Community Hub for pre-installation tips, upgrade videos, licensing information and more.

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