Veeam Innovation Awards 2021: Congratulations to our winners

The past few weeks have been epic. We have welcomed tens of thousands of our community at VeeamON 2021, experienced insightful keynotes from the likes of Bill Largent (CEO), Danny Allan (CTO & SVP, Product Strategy) and Anton Gostev (SVP, Product Management) talking about Veeam’s vision and strategy for Modern Data Protection, and also heard from partners and customers alike about why Veeam is the #1 choice for data protection. However, what has inspired me the most is the innovation displayed by our customers.

As part of VeeamON, we celebrated four customers who were awarded Veeam Innovation Awards (VIAs) due to the results that they achieved, including recovering from ransomware attacks, assuring disaster recovery capabilities, and improving operational recoveries across their public and private clouds. We celebrated how they deployed Veeam across their environments to drive business transformation and – frankly – used our technologies to their fullest to really achieve all that we hope for in modern data protection. The four VIA winners for 2021 were:

In the days surrounding VeeamON, the entire Veeam community was given the opportunity to view why each VIA chose Veeam and how they were using our technologies – and then voted on a “Best in Show” for VeeamON 2021. 

We are proud to announce and congratulate PENSKE Australia & New Zealand for winning Best in Show for VeeamON 2021. All of our winners were outstanding, but our audience felt that the way PENSKE had used Veeam to protect a myriad of operations – from large-scale machinery installations to ensuring that the Australian military could continue to operate at peak efficiency – stood out from the crowd.

According to the 2020 Digital Trust Report, a cyberattack causing a four-week disruption in Australia would cost the economy $30 billion and 163,000 jobs. That’s why PENSKE partnered with Veeam and we have done some amazing things together; but don’t just take my word for it:

“Downtime isn’t an option for our customers. Logistics companies are a good example. If their trucks break down as they cross the outback to make deliveries, they must be repaired quickly. If the company orders parts and our CRM is down, we might not be able to get the parts to them fast. Veeam keeps our IT systems available all the time.”

Bobby Stojceski, Technology and Security Manager at Penske Australia & New Zealand

Congratulations to all the folks at PENSKE Australia & New Zealand for winning the Best in Show for VeeamON 2021.  Also, our best wishes and heartfelt thanks to all four of our VIA winners this year and a note of appreciation to all of the Veeam community that participated in the voting.

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