Technical Support for Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE

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Ch.1 – Architecture & Requirements
Ch.2 – Creating recovery media
Ch.3 – Backup modes in depth
Ch.4 – Backup targets more explained
Ch.5 – Scheduling backups
Ch.6 – Administration
Ch.7 – Additional restore options
Ch.8 – File level Recovery

Ch.9 – Volume recovery
Ch.10 – Recovery media in depth
Сh.11 – Ad-hoc versus scheduled
Ch.12 – Support for Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE
Ch.13 – Working with exclusions
Ch.14 – Moving your backups to a different location
Ch.15 – BitLocker support
Ch.16 – Metered connection support

Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE as the name implies is a free solution: you can download and install it at no cost. How about support?

Usually free product comes without support at all. We like to do more, even for a free product. Here at Veeam we value customer feedback and moreover it’s one of the main motivation factors to keep making best backup solutions.

Let’s make sure we are on the same page from the very beginning: free product support is provided on best effort basis, which means there is no SLA on responses like with regular support for our paid products. This does not mean your submissions will go nowhere: every single case is still carefully reviewed by our Support, Quality Assurance and Product Management.

Some legal information on Veeam support support can be downloaded by clicking this link and its worth checking out.

If you need help, all the options available to you are conveniently listed in the Support tab of Veeam Endpoint Backup’s Control Panel:

Veeam Endpoint Backup’s Control Panel for PC and Laptop backups and recovery

Online help

Simply redirects you to the Veeam Help Center where the best user manuals, product guides, release notes and other useful materials are located. The web page is going to be opened in your default web browser (Endpoint Datasheets and Guides). However, sometimes it is easier to…

Just press the F1 button!

The one of the hidden gems: just press “F1” while any product’s wizard or control panel page is active, and you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding Online Help Center’s article where you will find the information about the topic you might be interested in.

Submit feedback

This option will pop up the Veeam Community Forums ( page in your web browser and it’s the best way to submit a feedback regarding the existing functionality, request a new feature or improvement, or simply ask for a help.

As I’ve mentioned before we really care about end user’s feedback, so if you want to get in touch directly with R&D team – this is a right place. Aside from the feedback which we like to receive, you can find thousands of real end users sharing their experience, workarounds, performance metrics and such. Just make sure you use the search engine before posting a new message ;-)

Technical support

With Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE we introduced a new way of providing support for a free product: just click the Technical support button and fill the case directly from the Endpoint’s user interface. Give us your email address and a short description the problem and hit Submit Case – and our support team will receive a case with the required debug logs attached.

Technical support for Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE

When reporting an issue for the first time, the email address must be register at the customer care portal and you should verify the email address, so click the “Register” link and once the automated email appears in your mailbox – confirm the registration. If our support engineers need to get more info, or provide you with a fix – they will use this email address to reach out to you. But, don’t forget there are no response time goals (or response guarantees) with this free service.


Even Veeam Endpoint Backup is a free solution, it comes with issue reporting functionality built-in, which allows you to ask for a help directly from our support department and absolutely at no cost, and get a response back based on their availability. Besides, always available to you are our extensive Online Help, and an extremely active Community Forum with the Product Management team and other users, ready to help you in the time of need!


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#1 Backup and Recovery


  • Steve says:


    Been running the free edition thru some tests and just wanted to have something validated.
    That Veeam free edition CAN NOT recognize linux ext3 USB partitions and subsequently back them up and restore.

    I have it installed on a number of systems (win7, win10) and cannot get the sw to recognize any USB external devices or thumbdrives.

    It would be terrific if someone can confirm this is either a design feature or one that will be added to the suite or perhaps it is a designed limitation which is deactivated upon upgrading to the paying version.

    If someone can clarify it would be great -thanks


  • Simon Jennings says:

    Hi, We are looking at Veeam Cloud Connect for a cloud tier backup of around 70 VMware VM’s. However we have a couple of physical servers that will be virtualised very soon, but until then we want to backup initially to a backup and replication server via Endpoint backup. Is there any reason why this cannot then be backed up to the cloud via cloud connect also as a temporary measure until we are all virtualised?

  • Ken says:

    Hi, trying to figure out how to set this up on a dedicated storage server. It has multiple storage drives that do not register while installing/configuring. Trying to do a test run for a device to one of these drives. Is there a way about this? To me it seems like I have to do this one every machine and point to the server. Can someone shed some light on this?

  • Hi Steve,
    you can’t backup USB partitions or any other external device. We are aware of the requests and looking into it but we can’t say at this point in time when that functionality will arrive

  • Hi Simon,
    Directly this is not possible at this point in time. What you can do is protect the physical servers with VEB to a Veeam Backup & Replication repository on-premises and then use a backup copy job to sent it to Veeam Cloud Connect, just the same way as you would do with the backup of your VMs

  • Ken,
    This is a standalone solution, so every server you want to protect you will need to have it locally installed. What exactly do you mean by storage drives? If it our file shares, it can’t protect those but internal volumes it should be able to see and protect

  • Ken says:

    External USB Drives on our server. I did figure that out but i’m still having issues trying to get around failed backups. Not sure on how to diagnose/troubleshoot the issue as there is no way to find errors.

  • Ken, if you keep receiving errors, you can create a support case. This is free, but does not deliver an SLA. But we will get back to you. Just go into the VEB UI and select the support tab. Then make a case. It is explained in the above post.



  • Shiva shanker says:

    Hi I am trying to install Veeam Endpoint Backup 8.0 , in Microsoft Server Standard , getting error current operating system not supported.

    Do we have any possibility to install ?

    Else can we go for install Veeam B & R , do this will support ?

    Thank You,

  • Shiva,
    On what version are you installing Veeam Endpoint Backup (I assume 1.5 instead of 8)

  • Khalid Rehan says:


    What to do with this error?
    Veeam Endpoint Backup..


  • Khalid. Difficult to see from the screenshot. Please open the UI and create a support call so our engineers can read in the logs what is wrong.
    Thanks, Mike

  • Khalid Rehan says:

    Microsoft sql server hosting the configuration database is currently unavailable possible reasons are load network issue, server reboot, or hot backup. Please wait and try again later.

    Error Information:
    Specified time is not supported in this calendar. it should be between 04/30/1900 00:00:00 ……..

  • Khalid Rehan says:

    Thanks for the advice..

  • robert andrijanic says: Hi ppl,
    My Veeam Endpoint Backup have error on Windows 10 Pro x64 machine.
    Please can you help me with this?

  • Hi Robert, it is kind of difficult to see what is happening from the screenshot. Can you create a support call through the support tab? It is free but does not come with an SLA. The procedure is described above in the blog. Thanks! Mike

  • Robert Andrijanic says:

    Hi Mike,
    Your support team has solved my problem. The problem was in SQL records but Mr. Illia from Veeam support is solve this prob. with SQL database recreation.
    Thank you guys for great product and support!!

    Warm regards

  • Great to hear Robert! Glad that it is solved and yes, our support team is amazing, I can only agree! Thanks a lot. Mike

  • Robert Andrijanic says:

    No prob Mike. Keep good work ppl ;)

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