Veeam Endpoint Backup: Metered connection support

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Ch.16 – Metered connection support

If you’re performing a backup over a network, this option is definitely something you need to pay attention to. Feel free to call it a hidden gem, but this tiny checkbox could save you a fortune. Once enabled, it allows Veeam Endpoint Backup Free to automatically detect and suspend a backup whenever metered connection is used whether it is a scheduled or ad-hoc backup.

Metered connection support in Laptop Backup from Veeam

Why would you want to do that and miss backup schedules? The answer is simple, because of costs. Imagine pushing a large backup to the personal cloud or publicly available backup repository through a limited connection, where you have to pay for every Megabyte. You might get an unpleasant surprise on your monthly bill, especially when you’re roaming.


Unfortunately, metered connections was introduced in Windows 8, therefore Endpoint’s setting is disabled for Endpoints installed on earlier operating systems.

How it works

Every time Microsoft Windows detects a mobile broadband connection, it will make that connection metered. Those of you who work with a MiFi or use smartphones as portable hotspots, be aware that such Wi-Fi connections won’t be set as metered.

However, you can easily solve it by clicking on Network > Connections, right-click the needed connection and choose Set as metered connection.

How metered connection works in Veeam Endpoint Backup for Laptops and PCs

For more information on metered connections, please refer to the following Microsoft article:

If you really need to, you still can…

Start a backup manually even if you are on a metered connection by pressing the Backup Now button. You will receive a “safety trigger” dialog pop up asking for confirmation that you want to use the existing connection for the backup to external location.

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