Join the Veeam Vanguard 2020 class!

UPDATE: The application process is closed. Results will be announced in February 2020, so keep your fingers crossed!

As the calendar turns to December, it’s time to balance out the current class and prepare for the upcoming season by opening our annual Veeam Vanguard nominations. We’ve experienced a very intensive and successful 2019 with the program – it is our highest-level influencer program for the IT community.

It’s a crazy realization that it’ll be year 6 for the program in 2020 already! Over the past years, Vanguards grew from a small gathering into a large group of IT professionals from various industries and positions.

To keep the group diverse and enable its members a continuous professional and personal growth, we’re looking for a set of specific crucial values. This is a secret that helps the quality of produced content to be at a top-notch level.

But being a Vanguard is not given for life. You must earn it. This veeamazing group of professionals is truly a global community where each member, coming from their own career path, enriches the knowledge about our products with their unique experience from the field.

Because of this diversity, we decided not to set any guidelines to the Vanguards’ way of being active. Most of them have their own blogs where they share their experience with specific issues and scenarios encountered during their job duties. And often these encounters involve Veeam which is a great recipe for a truly unique experience-based content.

Besides producing content, Vanguards also take part in discussion panels at an online / offline events with our System Engineers throughout the year and advocating our products through their jobs.

The perks of being a Vanguard

Each Vanguard will tell you his vision of all the many reasons but in the end, every single one of them is a fan of Veeam products! Why? Because Vanguards have been using them day in and day out. They have experienced the reliability, flexibility and simplicity of Veeam products proving that our “It just works“ slogan is not just some marketing idiom, but an awesome reality.

One of the biggest perks is getting a unique access to early product betas to test innovative features before the general public. And how about the opportunity to have direct interaction with our developers to report bugs and having an impact on the product’s final form? In which another IT community can you do that? I thought so. Check out the details about the program below.

Besides all that, if you are a Vanguard, you are be able to educate yourself through various offline and online courses, certifications and dig even deeper into our products, while building more expertise and knowledge.

Since Vanguards are scattered across the globe, once a year we bring them together at the Vanguard Summit. This year it took place in Prague and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all attendees! The week was full of product updates, AMA sessions with our R&D and Global Technologists team members, and various social activities. And oh yeah, not a year passes without the Vanguard swag!

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