Get ready for 2021 Vanguard class!

The application process is closed. Results will be announced in February 2021, so keep your fingers crossed!

We are once again in that time of year to review and sum up the current year and prepare for the new one. In this case we’re talking about it being time to open nominations and renewals for the seventh year of Veeam’s top-notch influencer Vanguard community that will turn into the class of 2021 next spring! 

This year has changed the way of life for the most of us, but what stays the same is the power of the Vanguard community, which hasn’t lost any of its shine! Thanks to the continuous innovation and iteration of both Veeam and the members of the Vanguard community we have experienced very powerful, inspiring and valuable times while adapting to the whole new concept of shifting all our activities to the online environment. 

Vanguards have been a tremendous help throughout this year by assisting us in elevating early product beta versions, spreading knowledge on how Veeam products simply work and participating in the numerous conferences and webinars that we have delivered during this time. How has all this come together? 

If you are familiar with the Veeam Vanguard program, you are aware that it’s a very diverse and unique group of IT experts from various industries all over the world. What is common for all of them is a passion for Veeam and its products! Vanguards are experienced IT pros that use Veeam products in their everyday work and help their companies and customers keep all their data safe. What differentiates this group from other Veeam users is their enthusiasm to share their experiences in order to help other community members enrich their knowledge so they can keep using Veeam products in better ways every day. 

Diversity is something we appreciate a lot at Veeam and in the Vanguard program! We have a wide range of individuals who all have different approaches and ways of using Veeam products. This provides a great way to keep our group progressing together by learning from each other’s knowledge and experience and leveling-up the expertise of each individual. There’s a great range of content that is coming from the Veeam Vanguard group out there in the online space! You can see blogs, podcasts, video channels and many other contributions that Vanguards are making throughout the year. We are very proud and happy to have such ambassadors for Veeam’s skills all around the globe!

Why does it all work together in such a Veeamazing way? We are enabling Veeam Vanguards to be in touch with various Veeam teams, starting with Product Strategy, R&D, software engineers and continuing with many more. This direct connection with Veeamers, who are creating and embracing Veeam products, enables Vanguards to leverage their experience while having access to the latest versions and product releases which constantly keeps them one step ahead. This privilege is helping to create Veeamazing content and thought-leadership that the Vanguards are continuously developing throughout the year. 

If you were wondering if you could become a Vanguard, know this: the key element is to show your passion for Veeam products in such a way that other users can benefit from your expertise and knowledge. Becoming a member of the Veeam Vanguard program is not a life-long honor, but something that members have to earn every year through their continuous activity.

If you would like to become a Vanguard, or you know somebody who is notorious for their green heart, there’s nothing easier than filling out the application we have ready for all of you right here! The submission process is open till January 15th, after which we’ll evaluate all received applications and announce a new class and its members during February.

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