image While completing the beta process before releasing Veeam Backup & Replication v6, we compiled a list of new v6 features and enhancements—a total of 72! Version 6 will be released very soon, officially this quarter; but the excitement is building by the minute! Although that earlier list is now public in the What’s New document, we wanted to show this in another way. We decided to create a numbered list for a better look at v6 features and enhancements: a 30,000-ft. view from the top.  WOW! What a list! Here is the list of Veeam Backup & Replication v6 new and improved features (drum roll….): 1. Scalability: Dedicated proxy to run backup and replication jobs 2. Scalability: Repository to hold backups and replication metadata 3. Scalability: Dynamic job assignment 4. Scalability: Intelligent load balancing 5. Scalability: Windows target support 6. Scalability: Multiple vPower repositories 7. Scalability: Multiple user Veeam console connections 8. Scalability: Log collection wizard 9. Replication: Leverage hot-add for disk writes 10. Replication: Replication can target a cluster object 11. Replication: Proxy to proxy compression (up to 10x improvement) 12. Replication: Multi-select operations for multiple VM failover 13. Replication: Enhanced job configuration 14. Multi-hypervisor support: Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere 15. Multi-hypervisor support: Easy license exchange for different hypervisors 16. Multi-hypervisor support: Dedicated Hyper-V off host proxy 17. Enterprise Manager: Job editing 18. Enterprise Manager: Job cloning 19. Enterprise Manager: FIPS compliance 20. Enterprise Manager: Improved interface design 21. 1-Click File Restore 22. File restore operator role 23. Traffic throttling 24. Improved domain controller handling 25. More efficient CPU usage for backup jobs 26. Multiple TCP/IP connections per job 27. Optimization for WAN transfers 28. Source data retrieval optimizations 29. Exclude virtual machine swap file 30. Enforceable backup window 31. Simultaneous backup and replication jobs now permitted 32. Backup mapping from existing backup file 33. Backup metadata file for quick foreign imports 34. Enhanced backup format file 35. Backup data file alignment to 4K on writes 36. Write enhancement for deduplication targets 37. 2-proxy replication architecture 38. Replication state protection 39. Improved job reports 40. Wizard navigation improvements 41. 1-Click automated failback for replication jobs 42. 1-Click permanent failover for replication jobs 43. Active rollbacks of replication jobs 44. Improved replica seeding 45. Replica mapping 46. Re-IP for replicated VMs 47. Full support for distributed virtual switches with backup and replication 48. Automatic replication job update on failover or failback 49. Additional replication job options 50. Veeam Quick Migration 51. SmartSwitch migration cutover 52. Instant VM Recovery migration 53. Individual file copy 54. 1-Click full VM restore 55. Virtual disk restore option to inventory on existing VM 56. Thin disk support for VM file level restore 57. Hot-Add restore 58. Hot-Add replication 59. Multiple VM restore 60. Network mapping on restore wizard 61. VM managed object reference preservation on restore 62. User profile indexing 63. Support for GPT and simple dynamic disks 64. NTFS permission preservation on guest file restores 65. Optional search server for less than ~100 VMs 66. Smaller guest index catalog size 67. Real-time statistics improvements 68. Job bottleneck monitor 69. Loss of VM warning for removed VMs 70. Support for unmanaged VMware Tools installations 71. PowerShell extended to support new v6 functionality and objects 72. 1-Click automatic upgrade for proxies and repositories How cool is that! Are you curious about Veeam Backup & Replication v6? Check out Veeam’s series of webinars, with VMDoug and Gostev! Which v6 features are you most excited about? Share your feedback below.

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