Veeam Backup & Replication v7 is Here!

Today is a big day here at Veeam. Today we released the seventh version of our award-winning Backup & Replication product. It’s hard to believe it’s only been five and a half years since we released version one. With the help of our Veeam ProPartners, we’ve been able to accomplish some truly incredible things in the past five and a half years, including:

  • #1 VMware and #1 Hyper-V Backup
  • Over 73,000 paying customers
  • Over 200,000 users of our free products
  • Coverage in 75% of Fortune 500 companies
  • Fastest growing backup software of all time



Earlier this year we rolled out our new marketing messaging called Modern Data Protection. Modern Data Protection is all about being built for virtualization while being powerful, easy-to-use and affordable. v7 is taking Modern Data Protection to the next level. It represents over 18 months of development effort by one of the best R&D teams in the world. Each time we release a major new version you can count on three things: innovation, features and performance. v7 certainly has all three.


v7 brings two innovations: Built-In WAN Acceleration and Backup from Storage Snapshots. While the “labels” of these features may not seem innovative, the technology behind them is. Our Built-In WAN Acceleration was developed from the ground up to work specifically with our backup file and data format. Our WAN acceleration is designed to help you save time and money when you need to get your backups offsite. Additionally, we’ll be bringing our WAN acceleration to replication jobs in a future release.

Backup from Storage Snapshots may seem like an “easy” task but once you take a look at what’s required in vSphere, you know it’s not. A standard approach to using storage snapshots on vSphere is to promote the snapshot to a LUN and temporarily attach it to a dedicated host…this operation alone can take up to 5 minutes and your backup hasn’t even started yet. Our engineers were able to get around this time-consuming task and further accelerate the backup by being able to leverage some key technology in vSphere and we know you’ll be impressed once you see it in action.


v7 is packed full of features. We’ve already announced seven of the most disruptive features but the What’s New document contains many more. It seems that everyone has their “favorite” new feature in v7 although tape support seems to be close to the top for everyone. Personally, I’m excited about our vCloud Director support. We’ve been working on vCD support for a while but it was “not quite good enough” to make it into a previous release. I’m confident that our vCD support is second to none and when you see how easy it is to use, I’m sure you’ll agree. A big feature for our Hyper-V customers is the inclusion of Virtual Labs for Hyper-V. Now Hyper-V customers have access to SureBackup Recovery Verification, U-AIR and the On-Demand Sandbox capability that our VMware users have enjoyed for 3 years. There are a lot of other features and I’d love to hear what your favorite new feature is in the comments section.


It seems like in every release we talk about Veeam Backup & Replication being 10x faster than the previous release. According to Gostev, that means that v7 is 1,000x faster than v1. Performance improvements come in many different areas in each release – sometimes it’s improvements to our algorithms for compression and deduplication, and other times it’s improvements in the virtual infrastructure, like Changed Block Tracking (CBT) in vSphere 4. One big performance improvement in v7 is parallel processing within a backup job. Previously, all VMs were processed serially. In v7 they’re processed in parallel and even better, multiple virtual disks on the same VM are processed in parallel. In addition, we’ve improved our default compression algorithm by a huge factor, meaning you can now process up to 2x more tasks per proxy than in v6. This also means much less CPU load on the proxies. And, backup repositories can now be deployed either 32 or 64 bit. I know a lot of people were asking for x64 backup repositories to be able to take advantage of larger addressable memory and support much bigger jobs. Speaking of 64 bit, Veeam Backup & Replication v7 server install is only available in 64 bit. The proxies and repositories are still offered in both 32 and 64 bit.

v7 By the Numbers

There’s so much that has gone into v7 that it’s impossible to cover everything in a single blog post. Luckily, Rick Vanover had the idea to create a great infographic for v7 “by the numbers”. The infographic is below and you can also download the full size version.

Doug Hazelman (VMDoug)
Doug Hazelman (VMDoug)

Doug Hazelman is Vice President, Product Strategy, Chief Evangelist. Doug consults with customers, partners and industry analysts on key considerations for implementing virtual server infrastructures. He works with Veeam’s R&D team to enhance and develop new Veeam products to address market needs, and advises customers on best practices for managing virtual environments. Doug shares his expertise via the Veeam blog and other social media outlets. Doug has spoken about virtualization management at VMworld, the Nordic Virtualization Conference, Interop, and other events including regional VMUG meetings. He is a VMware vExpert for 2011 and has also appeared on's "Ask the Experts."

Prior to joining Veeam, Doug was an IT infrastructure consultant with Bennett Adelson. Earlier in his career he was the director of Product Management for Migration Solutions at Quest Software. Doug was with Aelita Software in various technical and product management roles for more than five years before it was acquired by Quest Software in 2004.

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