VeeamON 2019 Day 2 Recap: Strong content, strong close

As we wrap up VeeamON 2019, the event has brought so many great experiences to many people. Customers and partners from all over the world have joined us and are ready to tackle their biggest Availability challenges.

Some highlights from Wednesday at VeeamON 2019 include a strong lineup of breakout content, the Veeam Innovation Awards and the closing party. Here are a few statistics for VeeamON 2019:

  • Over 2,050 attendees
  • Over 60 breakouts
  • Three general sessions
  • Eight live demos in the technology general session
  • Over 45 sponsors

As I did yesterday, I’ve highlighted two breakouts that have some really powerful tips that I’ll share here:

“Top 7 Worst Practices When Using Veeam Backup & Replication”

This session was presented by Edwin Weijdema, a solutions architect based in the Northern EMEA region (Edwin also contributes to the VMGuru blog and is on Twitter at: Viperian). Here is one slide where Edwin outlines his fifth tip that security is inconvenient:

This is an important topic as Veeam Backup & Replication has many roles and many well-defined requirements for those roles. In fact, the required permissions and system requirements part of Veeam Help Center make this very easy to navigate and set up.

Ransomware Resiliency Tips from Veeam and the Veeam Vanguards”

This session was presented by me, but also sourced from different perspectives from the Veeam Vanguards. The one slide I will share here actually comes from Veeam Support:

Veeam Technical Support deals with ransomware every day. Meaning, customers have ransomware in their data centers and Veeam helps our customers restore and be resilient.

Tim’s advice matches that from our Veeam Vanguards: Education is a critical step and one of the most effective prevention techniques. Prevention is a very strong safeguard, but if ransomware becomes introduced the *only* option is to restore data — and that is where Veeam can help. The session carried on with critical perspectives from Vanguards on their best practices to be resilient against ransomware.

The VeeamON 2019 Party

It goes without saying that Veeam knows how to host a party, and the VeeamON party is the best one to attend. This year, we had a beach party featuring Flo Rida. This party was amazing and a great way to close the event.

That’s all for VeeamON 2019. Join us in Las Vegas for VeeamON 2020. The VeeamON website will soon be updated to reflect next year’s event, but we are already planning to make it bigger and better than ever! Join us!

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