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Veeam Data Management for ExaGrid

Veeam Intelligent Data Management for ExaGrid

Delivering Availability with ExaGrid

Marc Crespi, VP of System Engineering at ExaGrid, discusses current collaboration and integration efforts as well as the new End-To-End ExaGrid solution powered by Veeam with Matt Lloyd Sr. Manager Global Alliances at Veeam
The ExaGrid backup storage appliance and Veeam® Availability Suite™ provide an industry-leading solution that’s specifically built for virtual environments. Together, ExaGrid and Veeam provide scalable and cost-effective backup that goes beyond standard disk-based data protection to enable businesses to achieve the performance and efficiency needed to realize their backup, recovery and disaster recovery goals. 
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Working together to guarantee workload Availability for ExaGrid

Veeam + ExaGrid enable the Available Enterprise

Delivering Availability with ExaGrid EX appliances

Veeam and ExaGrid combine to provide customers agility, Availability and business acceleration. ExaGrid EX Series appliances include a non-deduplicated landing zone and Veeam Accelerated Data Mover — which completes Veeam backups and Instant VM Recovery® operations up to 3x faster than standard deduplication appliances.

The combination of Veeam software solutions with ExaGrid appliance technology delivers the fastest full-system restores and tape copies and leading support for Veeam features like Instant VM Recovery, SureBackup® and Veeam DataLabs™.

Integrated Availability & Simplified IT

Unique/landing zone & integration

  • Write data to disk without deduplication
  • 100% of recent restore points are non-duplicated
  • Avoids compute intensive deduplication overhead
  • Deduplicates older restore points
  • Support for Veeam Data Mover


  • Faster backup data processing compared to standard dedupe appliances
  • No deduplication processes that slow-down data processing
  • Shorter backup window
  • Quicker restores and Instant VM Recovery® support
Integrated Hyper-Availability & Simplified IT

Integrated data protection and simplified IT operations

ExaGrid backup appliances provide an affordable, high-performance and scalable disk target for Veeam backups. ExaGrid support of Veeam Data Mover shifts backup processing from production servers to the appliance, storing the most recent Veeam backups in un-deduplicated form in its landing zone. The combination of landing zone, Veeam Data Mover and scale-out compute allows Veeam synthetic operations to be created up to 6x faster than standard deduplication appliances.

The combination of ExaGrid and Veeam provides:

  • High-speed recovery with the ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover
  • Automated, end-to-end scale-out backups using Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository™
  • Optimized backup and recovery operations with ExaGrid’s unique landing zone
  • Data loss avoidance with Veeam features at both local and remote ExaGrid sites
  • Increased retention rates and reduced backup windows with target-side deduplication
  • A Veeam Ready Repository solution tested to meet the highest levels of qualification
Veeam Ready Repository solution tested to meet the highest levels of qualification

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