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Veeam Agents for Oracle Solaris and IBM AIX

  • #1 Backup and Recovery for physical workloads
  • Back up an entire system or specific files
  • File-based backup and disaster recovery
  • Console UI or command line

Free 30 days for Oracle Solaris


Free 30 days for IBM AIX

Veeam® Agents for Oracle Solaris and IBM AIX are simple, physical server backup solutions for machines running in respective UNIX operating systems. With them, IT organizations can provide industry-leading file-based backup and disaster recovery for their environments.

Veeam Agents for Oracle Solaris and IBM AIX provide capabilities to create an entire system image backup and back up specific directories with files or individual zones

New Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris v2

Flexible licensing

Protect all your workloads, applications and file shares — cloud, virtual and physical — with the Veeam Universal License that delivers increased value through license portability while simplifying license management.

Eliminate complexity

Ease day-to-day Solaris backup management from a single console with Veeam Backup & Replication™ integration, also featuring file-level recovery capabilities to improve recovery time objectives (RTOs) and proactive reporting and email alerts to make informed decisions.

Security and scripting

Improve security, while saving space through encryption and compression of backups, that can also target a central Veeam Backup & Replication repository while improving backup efficiency with pre- and post-job scripting options.

Enhanced Availability for UNIX-based Workloads 

Backup capabilities 

  • Entire system image backup.
  • Back up specific directories with files or individual WPARs (for IBM AIX backup) or individual zones (for Oracle Solaris backup).
  • Store IBM AIX backups in an NFS directory mounted to the file system of your machine.

Restore options

  • Bare-metal restore — Boot your machine from the recovery image and use the Veeam recovery environment to perform bare-metal restore.1
  • File-level restore — Restore only necessary files and directories using a backup of any type: full backup or incremental backup. 
  • Restore individual WPARs for IBM AIX backups or individual Oracle Solaris zones, with options to use the Veeam backup console or command-line console.
1 Bare metal restore only available in Veeam Agent for IBM AIX

Ensure that your AIX or Solaris workloads are always protected

With Veeam Agents for IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris, modern enterprises gain the following capabilities:

  • Perform operating system file-level backups and restores of your AIX and Solaris workloads, allowing enterprises to maintain availability by quickly restoring corruptedlost or damaged files to the same or new location.
  • Allow for the migration of servers from older to newer or different server hardware. In any of these scenarios, once a system is restored, administrators can restore applications using native application-specific tools. 

Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication 

Veeam Agent for IBM AIX v1 is a standalone product and does not integrate with other Veeam products nor can it send backups to a Veeam backup repository. Veeam is planning on fully integrating Veeam Agent for IBM AIX with Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Cloud Data Management™.

Supported environments

Veeam Agent for IBM AIX supports all versions of the IBM AIX operating system, starting from IBM AIX 6.1. ACLs (Access Control Lists) are only supported in AIX 6.1 and above. Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris supports the following versions of Oracle Solaris operating systems: Oracle Solaris 9 (for machines on SPARC hardware only), Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11.

Please refer to the release notes for Veeam Agent for IBM AIX and the release notes for Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris v2 for the full list of system requirements and supported environments.

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