Take a look at our customer success stories
Take a look at our customer success stories

Intelligent Data Management

fuels the Fortune 500

Key Challenges of Enterprise Data Today

Today’s modern enterprise faces the dual challenges of not only managing and mining the data they produce and use, but also ensuring that the digital experience is always-on for both internal and external customers. To solve these challenges, business leaders need a deep understanding of how enterprise data is changing and how new technologies and approaches can unleash its full value.

Hyper-Criticality of Data

The need to ensure that data is secure, protected and in compliance is growing hyper-critical for business outcomes. 


Hyper-Growth of Data

The sheer amount of data, its rapid growth, changes, and related costs of managing it, is a massive challenge for enterprises. 


Hyper-Sprawl of Data

Data is generated from a wider variety of sources than ever before. Managing and mining this data is an increasing challenge.

To meet this new reality, where enterprise data is scattered across many different clouds and systems, it’s not enough for data to be backed up, secure, and available.  Data must move to a new state of intelligence, automatically able to anticipate need and meet demand, securely, across multi-cloud infrastructures to meet the expectations of the mobile, always-on world. 

Enterprises need to become Hyper-Available. To achieve this, Veeam introduces the Five Stages of Intelligent Data Management.  Through this journey, your enterprise gains the insights and agility to deliver innovative digital services and new experiences that improve how we live and work.

The Five Stages of Intelligent Data Management for the Hyper-Available Enterprise

Where are you on this journey?

  • Stage One: Backup
  • Stage Two: Aggregation 
  • Stage Three: Visibility
  • Stage Four: Orchestration 
  • Stage Five: Automation

Back up all workloads and ensure they are always recoverable in the event of outages, attack, loss, or theft.

Provide for the security of data from a systemic perspective; secure, back up, and recover your data wherever it is so it can always be protected against outages, attack, loss, or theft. This stage is about making sure you can get your data back if it is lost or compromised, and that your business can survive; however, there are minimal data insights at this stage, and data is often stored in individual silos.

Veeam helps businesses on their journey through the Five Stages of Intelligent Data Management by ensuring data is always protected, in compliance and available when needed with Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform, the most complete enterprise platform to help customers become Hyper-Available Enterprises.

Ensure protection and availability of data across multi-cloud environments to drive digital services and ensure an aggregated view of service level compliance.

Aggregate data protection for physical, virtual, and cloud workloads so that you have central management across various data locations, enabling multi-cloud use cases. This stage allows instant access to any data, any app, anywhere to drive recovery, analytics, application development, and uninterrupted digital services; the ability to extract full value from your data is just beginning at this point.

Improve management of data across multi-cloud environments with clear, unified visibility and control into usage, performance issues, and operations.

Gain full operational insight into data along with the ability to glean business insights from data to drive better business decisions and outcomes. This stage provides a “single pane of glass” so that a full view of one’s environment allows data management to evolve from a reactive measure, focused on remediating issues that have already occurred, to a proactive measure, preventing any loss in data availability through advanced monitoring, resource optimization, capacity planning, and built-in intelligence. The ability to leverage the value of data is much greater in this stage; however, it is still inefficient and largely dependent on manual processes.

Seamlessly move data to the best location across multi-cloud environments to ensure business continuity, compliance, security, and optimal use of resources for business operations.

Ensure that enterprise data is always on the right infrastructure, always protected, always ready to do work. This stage delivers orchestration capabilities so that workloads can move more easily from one infrastructure to another, providing business continuity and resource optimization via automation informed by policies. Getting from here to the next stage moves us beyond policy-based mechanisms to true automation.

Data becomes self-managing by learning to back itself up, migrate to ideal locations based on business needs, secure itself during anomalous activity, and recover instantaneously.

Data becomes intelligent, location-aware, and self-managing. It learns how to make itself easier to access, back up, recover, and use; how to best interact with and optimize the infrastructure on which it resides and through which it moves to meet its obligations to the business, to security regulators, and to users of the company’s services. And how to react automatically to anomalous behavior in the system. At stage five, you achieve true Intelligent Data Management in your Hyper-Available Enterprise.

How Veeam customers use
Intelligent Data Management to fuel innovation

Intelligent Data Management ensures
owner satisfaction for Volvo

With hyper-growth of data, backing up to tape was becoming costly for Volvo dealers, and slow recovery times for the core management system threatened their business operations.
With Veeam Backup & Replication™, Volvo’s data is securely backed up off site with lightning-fast recovery times, enabling them to transact more efficiently, effectively and reliably, keeping customers happy. 

Veeam was the only solution we trusted to recover within four hours. Now dealers have peace of mind knowing their backups are off site and readily available for fast recovery.

Marc Scheir
IT Project Manager, Volvo Car BeLux

Intelligent Data Management ensures exceptional guest experiences for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Providing exceptional experiences is Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s top priority. Hosting hundreds of thousands of guests, an hour of IT downtime would damage their reputation and cost millions of dollars.
Veeam Availability Suite™ improved guest experiences from casino e-cards to hundreds of point of sale (POS) systems. With Availability 24.7.365, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has maintained loyalty, preserved brand value and saved $150,000 per year.

Even during our busiest months, when we host several conventions and hundreds of thousands of people, Veeam gives us complete confidence that our IT systems are able to support guest experiences 24.7.365.

Kevin Ragsdale
Director of IT for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Intelligent Data Management supports
customer loyalty for Telefonica

Tech giant Telefónica Germany wanted to combine two data centers as part of its ambitious plans for growth, but slow and unreliable backup and recovery processes were holding it back.
With Veeam Availability Suite™, Telefónica Germany saves 25% in costs while meeting customers’ needs — accelerating the path from new customer to loyal fans spreading the word.

Veeam ensures availability of the key systems that manage our network. Network availability is a top business priority for us, and Veeam delivers 24x7 availability. Veeam has become a big part of our IT strategy and our business growth strategy.

Udo Müller
Supervisor, Platform Operations, Telefónica Germany

Intelligent Data Management accelerates
secure departures at Gatwick

Serving 42 million customers, processes at Gatwick Airport are supported by 25 mission-critical systems. With IT playing a role in almost every airport operation, Gatwick needed uninterrupted performance of the systems to avoid damages and costly disruptions.
Using Veeam’s Backup & Replication, Veeam Explorer™ and Instant VM Recovery™, Gatwick’s virtualized platforms and storage secure critical data, making their IT infrastructure more resilient and robust, and accelerating the rate of secure departures.

Our traditional backup tool recovers physical servers, but Veeam allows us to leverage the benefits of the virtualized platform and storage to accelerate and reduce the complexity of that process significantly.

Sherif Darwish
Head of IT, Infrastructure Gatwick Airport, Gatwick Airport