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1. No virtual infrastructure objects (Clusters, Hosts, VMs etc) appear in the OpsMgr Console. Additionally you may receive an alert in Ops Mgr from the nworks Collector as follows:

Alert Name: Agent proxying needs to be enabled for a health service to submit discovery data about other computers.
Alert description (example):

Details:Health service ( [server name] ) should not generate data about this managed type ( nworks.VMware.VEM.VMGUEST ) object Id ( A2A3BA11-F03D-6757-597A-28A35B5000FE ).
Note: the alert description will contain server names and object IDs specific to your own environment.

2. Updates to the virtual infrastructure (such as adding or removing Cluster, Host, or VMs) are not reflected in the Ops Mgr views.


1. Proxying must be enabled for any server (agent or management server) where the nWorks Collector is running. This setting allows the Collector, via Ops Mgr agent, to inject new objects (such as ESX Hosts and VMs) into Ops Mgr.
2. Updates to VMware systems (such as add/remove an ESX host) may not have been reflected in Ops Mgr due to discovery synchronization or other issue.


1. Verify Proxy Settings
Verify that the Proxy setting has been enabled for the server where the nWorks Collector is installed.
1. In the OpsMgr console, verify the Proxy settings. Go to the Administration pane.
a. If the Collector is running on a standard Ops Mgr agent, then browse to Device Management | Agent Managed and select the Collector server.
b. If the Collector is running on an Ops Mgr Management server, then browse to Device Management | Management Servers and select the Collector server.
2.  Double-click the relevant server, click the Security tab and ensure that the ‘Allow this agent to act as a proxy and discover managed objects on other computers’ check box is selected.

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2. Rebuild Topology
If only certain VMware systems items are missing or have not been updated in Ops Mgr, then it may be required to trigger a topology rediscovery. This is accomplished with the Rebuild Topology function available in the nWorks Enterprise Manager UI.

Rebuild is available both at global Enterprise Manager level (where all Collectors will rebuild) or for individual Collectors.

After clicking this button you must wait several collection cycles (a cycle is 5 minutes by default) for the rebuild to complete.

The screenshot below illustrates Rebuild Full Topology available on the Enterprise Manager tab in the nWorks UI.

User-added image
Rebuild Full Topology button

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