Tape requires return to original slot , but it is already filled. Move tape manually, and retry operation

Veeam Backup & Replication
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Inventory job or any tape jobs may fail with an error “Tape <tape media name> requires return to original slot <slot number>, but it is already filled. Move tape manually, and retry operation”
You may find following entries in the Job.<Job name>.TapeVmBackup.log / Job.<Job name>.TapeFilesBackup or Job.Tape_library_inventory.TapeInventory:
[timestamp] <01> Error    Tape not exchanged. (Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeMediumNotExchangedException)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.AutomatedTapeMediumExchanger.ExchangeTapeMediumsForBackup(Boolean updateMediaInfo)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeBackupTaskPerformerBase.BackupStartSession(ITapeBackupObject task)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.VmTapeBackupTaskPerformer.Backup()
[timestamp] <01> Error    Tape VeeamTest requires return to original slot 7, but it is already filled. Move tape manually, and retry operation. (System.Exception)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeMediumLoader.CalcTapeSlot(TapeMedium tapeMedium)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeMediumLoader.UnloadTapeFromDrive(ChangerHandle changerHandle, TapeMedium tapeMedium)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeMediumLoader.LoadTapeToDrive(TapeMedium tapeMedium, TapeDrive tapeDrive)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeMediumLoader.LoadTapeToDrive(TapeMedium tapeMedium, TapeDrive tapeDrive, IXmlLogger logger)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.AutomatedTapeMediumExchanger.LoadMedium(TapeMedium neededTapeMedium)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.AutomatedTapeMediumExchanger.LoadValidMediumForBackup(Boolean updateMediaInfo)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.AutomatedTapeMediumExchanger.ExchangeTapeMediumsForBackup(Boolean updateMediaInfo)
[timestamp] <01> Error    No media in drive (System.Exception)
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeHandle.GetMediaInfo()
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeJobPerformerContext.UpdateTapeMediaInfo()
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.VmTapeBackupTaskPerformer.Backup()
[timestamp] <01> Error       at Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeBackupTaskPerformerBase.Execute()
Another tape media most likely occupies the original (home) slot of the tape media being used in the job, so you need to manually unload tape media and let job succeed on retry.



This is behavior by design for Veeam B&R v7. Veeam must move tape media to original slot whether this slot is free or not.


There is an option to change this behavior in Veeam B&R v8.
After upgrading to v8, please open the registry editor (regedit) on the Veeam Server and do the following:
1.      Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam Backup and Replication registry key;
2.      Create a new DWORD value:
             Value name is “TapeIgnoreReturnMediaToOriginalSlot "
             Value data is “1” 

Supported operations:


  •          Eject manually;
  •          Eject media once job finished;
  •          Unload media in the slot during the job;

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