Direct SAN Restore for thick disk VDDK error: One of the parameters supplied is invalid

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When performing an Entire VM Restore,  VM Hard Disk Restore, or initial run of a replication job using Direct-SAN transport mode the task fails with the error:

Unable to execute write operation using advanced transport, failing over to network mode...
ERR |VDDK error: 16000 (One of the parameters supplied is invalid)

(The error code may vary, but the informational message will be the same)


This error occurs when the LUNs presented to the Backup Proxy for DirectSAN access are read-only.


To confirm that these LUNs are presented in Read-only access, please refer to your SAN configuration interface.
If the disk is presented as Read-only, you must either connect the volume with write access or use a different transport mode.

More Information

Direct SAN restores are for Thick Disks only and can be used with the following restore types:

Entire VM restore
VM hard disk restore
Initial Replication of a Replica


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