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How to restore Veeam Agent backup application items from a Cloud Connect repository


In case restore of a specific application item from your Agent backup is needed, it is very straightforward if you use Backup & Replication repository since you can use its Veeam explorers for a granular restore. However, it could be difficult if you use a Cloud Connect repository since in this case you cannot proceed with Backup & Replication explorer and, unfortunately, Veeam Agent does not have its own explorer so far. This article could help to restore items using some workarounds.


To achieve the purpose, you can consider one of 2 options below based on using additional ‘tenant’ Backup & Replication server which can be deployed directly on Agent machine if you don’t have it in your infrastructure.

Restore through file-level recovery wizard

1. First you need to go to Backup & Replication server and add the same service provider you use in Veeam Agent using the same account you set up in Agent.

You can easily check the connection settings in Agent job configuration:

User-added image
User-added image
Add the same service provider in the ‘Backup Infrastructure’ view of the backup console:
User-added image
User-added image

2. Once the provider is added to Backup & Replication, rescan the provider and its repository.
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User-added image
Right after that you’ll see the Agent backup in ‘Home > Backups > Cloud’ node.
User-added image
3. At this step, it’s not possible to trigger application restore directly. ‘Restore application items’ will be grayed-out. It’s normal designed behavior for Agent backups.
User-added image
However, the method below will help to work it around.
All we need is to start the file-level recovery and then open the necessary application explorer manually.
Start the backup browser:

User-added image
Browse to the folder that keeps the application database you want to restore from, e.g. an mdf-file of some SQL database:
User-added image
Double click on the item. In a moment, Backup & Replication will automatically mount the database via Veeam SQL Explorer where you can easily use all the function of application-item recovery:
User-added image

Restoration via backup Import

Sometimes, the method above isn’t possible due to some circumstances, e.g. if we can’t connect to service provider using Backup & Replication for some reason.
In this case, there is a bit easier way.
All you need is to copy Veeam Agent restore points from a Cloud repository and import them to tenant Backup & Replication.

You can copy restore points manually or use a file copy job of Backup & Replication:

User-added image
User-added image
Once the backup is copied feel free to import the backup and start the application-item recovery.
User-added image
Since the imported backup is located on local non-Cloud repository, the application-recovery will be available directly:
User-added image
Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, Veeam Cloud Connect
VBR 9.5 U3, VAW 2.1
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