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Exploring VBO365 backups: Understanding Different Restore Scopes


You can explore backups in three different scopes: Backup JobOrganizationAll organizations. Consider the following organizations added to the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 backup infrastructure; each of these organizations uses its own backup repository to store data:
  • Organization A that has one active backup job (Backup Job 2), and a backup job that has been deleted at some point (Backup Job 1).
  • Organization B that has two active backup jobs — Backup Job 3 and Backup Job 4.

Each of these jobs has several restore points in total (deletion of a backup job does not delete the corresponding restore points from the database).


Exploring Backups: Job Scope

To explore backups created by the selected backup job, right-click a backup job and select any Explore option.This method finds the specified restore point and loads it into the Veeam Explorer scope.
Consider, however, that such a method cannot be used for deleted backup jobs since they are not present in the console; use PowerShell or REST API to load restore points of deleted backup jobs instead.
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Exploring Backups: Organization Scope

To explore backups created by all backup jobs of the selected organization, right-click an organization and select any Explore option.

When exploring backups of any of the organizations, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 works as follows:

  • Scans all backup repositories in the backup infrastructure and finds all restore points that have been created by both existing and deleted backup jobs.
  • Finds restore points that were created on the specified date or on the closest earlier date.
  • Merges found restore points into a single one according to the following:
    • If there are two or more copies of the same item in several restore points, then only one copy will be loaded into the Veeam Explorer scope.
    • If there are two different versions of the same item, then only the latest one will be loaded into the Veeam Explorer scope.
    • Otherwise, all unique versions of all items will be loaded into the Veeam Explorer scope.

Note: The same method is used during Veeam Cloud Connect (BAAS) restores.

Exploring Backups: All Organizations Scope

To explore backups created for each of the organizations ever added to the backup infrastructure, right-click the root Organizations node and select any Explore option.

This method works in the same way as the previous one, except for it applies to each of the organizations added to the application scope.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365
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