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Take Availability Higher with Microsoft and Veeam

Mark Russinovich, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Azure, discusses why Microsoft + Veeam are Better Together

Veeam® delivers enterprise scalability with solutions for Hyper-V backup and management of your physical and virtual environment. Together, Veeam and Microsoft provide the right combination of virtualization, protection, recovery and complete visibility to deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™.

Working closely with Microsoft, Veeam offers customers of all sizes protection of on-site VMs, applications and data, and Veeam extends recovery options from on-premises backups to hybrid cloud-based models including both private cloud and Microsoft Azure public cloud options. Microsoft environments with Veeam backup and recovery enable IT administrators to confidently meet service level agreements and deliver RPOs and RTOs (RTPO™) of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data.

Veeam named Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist two years in a row!

Once again Veeam has been recognized as one of Microsoft’s top global partners for 2017, achieving Finalist ranking for Application Development, Partner of the Year Award. As a Partner of the Year Award Finalist, Veeam is being honored for our continued innovation within the Veeam Availability Suite™, and for being one of the most successful ISV partners in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with five certified VMs.

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Protection built for Microsoft virtualization

Businesses of all sizes rely on Veeam for Hyper-V backup and protection, because Veeam is built specifically for virtualization. Veeam Availability Suite™ provides IT administrators with efficient backup operations, high-speed recovery and the business continuity they need to keep businesses protected and productive.

And with Veeam Explorers™ granular file-level restore capabilities, you can recover exactly what you need, when you need it — restore entire Hyper-V virtual machines in minutes and recover individual files or application items residing inside a Hyper-V backup including Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server with a simple search and restore.

Veeam provides Availability and management for your Microsoft environment
Learn more about granular file level recovery with Veeam Explorers

Hyper-V 2016 – The Next Generation of Virtualization

Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure

Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure combines the unique functionality of Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure and Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure, (included in Veeam Availability Suite), to help maintain business continuity and Availability of critical workloads with all-encompassing on-demand recovery in the cloud.

Product overview

Recovery in Microsoft Azure: 4 Reasons Veeam PN makes this easy!

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Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure

Azure cloud backup for enterprise businesses

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise is an easy and efficient way for enterprise customers to connect and perform backups from various business locations directly to a private cloud (HQ data center) or to the public cloud (Microsoft Azure). By leveraging the #1 VM Backup™ in the Azure Marketplace, enterprise customers can instantly provision Azure cloud backup repositories and automatically move their on-premises backup archives to Azure.

This powerful combination provides enterprise businesses with cost-effective Microsoft Azure storage, plus the granular recovery capabilities of Veeam Cloud Connect and Veeam Backup & Replication™.

Provision in Microsoft Azure

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It’s never been easier to get your backups and replicas off-site and into the cloud

Service providers —Deliver cloud backup with Veeam & Microsoft Azure

With Veeam Cloud Connect, service providers can set up multi-tenant backup storage in Microsoft Azure in just 10 minutes. Cloud Connect provides all the capabilities needed to manage cloud backup repositories, including setting up tenants, assigning quotas and tracking usage.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup for Service Providers:

  • Is the best service provider program in the industry with monthly “pay-as-you-grow” rentals. Learn more
  • Serves 242,000+ Veeam customers worldwide
  • Has 47,000 ProPartners available to recommend or deliver your offering in the market
  • Is 100% partner focused! Veeam doesn’t offer a cloud or backup service — instead, we drive our service providers’ business
Provision in Microsoft Azure

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Veeam Cloud Connect provides multi-tenant support, eliminates the need for VPN connections and simplifies firewall configuration.

Availability for public cloud and physical workloads

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows is a simple backup agent designed to ensure the Availability of your Windows workloads by providing backup and recovery for physical and cloud-based servers and workstations, as well as endpoint devices that belong to remote users. Veeam offers three different editions of Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows — FREE, Workstation and Server — to give you the Availability your business needs.

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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 enables your Always-On Enterprise™ to work anywhere, anytime without the need to maintain your own email infrastructure, and provides a great way to minimize your on-premises footprint and free up IT resources. Even though Microsoft takes on much of the management responsibility, this doesn’t replace the need to have a local backup of your email data. With Office 365, it’s your data — you control it — and it is your responsibility to protect it. NEW Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Office 365 mitigates the risk of losing access to your email data and ensures Availability to your users.

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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 architecture

Free, secure file copy for Azure

VMs with Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure!

Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure for Veeam Backups

Included in the NEW Veeam Availability Suite 9.5, this new offering enables cloud restore for Veeam backups to optimize resource allocation and gain new disaster recovery options. This integrated feature, can also be provisioned independently as a FREE, pre-configured Azure appliance, enabling you to take your on-premises Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines, physical servers and endpoints, and restore or migrate them to the cloud.

With Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure, you can:

  • Quickly restore Windows and Linux-based virtual machines, physical servers or endpoints to Azure to minimize business disruption
  • Execute planned workload migrations from on-site to the cloud to reduce on-site resource constraints
  • Easily create an Azure-based test environment for testing backup reliability, as well as patches and critical updates to mitigate risks associated with application deployment
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Hyper-V and vSphere Visibility in Microsoft System Center

Veeam helps you get the most out of your Microsoft management and IT operations investment. Veeam Management Pack™ (MP) for System Center provides app-to-metal visibility so you can monitor your critical physical and virtual infrastructure and identify issues before they halt productivity. Veeam MP enables single-pane-of-glass integration with Microsoft System Center Operation Manager and Microsoft Operation Management Suite delivering powerful visualizations and driving better IT decision making with relevant and timely data in monitoring dashboards and customizable reporting. And, with Veeam MP’s built-in knowledge base, you’ll identify and fix problems fast to meet and exceed SLAs.

Joint Microsoft Veeam Solution Brief

Learn more about how Veeam, Hyper-V and System Center complement each other

White paper Hyper-V monitoring and reporting with Veeam Management Pack for System Center

See what Veeam Management Pack can do.

Veeam and Microsoft Resources

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

With Office 365, it’s your data — you control it — and it is your responsibility to protect it. Never lose your email with total access, control and protection of Office 365 email data.

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Get your 50 FREE Sockets of Veeam Management Pack for System Center, Enterprise Edition

Offer is limited to one set of 50 FREE sockets of Veeam MP, Enterprise Edition, per corporate domain – see registration page for details.

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