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Let’s be honest: A ransomware recovery warranty isn’t the end-all-be-all solution to your ransomware problem, but it is an important part of your ransomware recovery strategy. That’s why Veeam includes access to the people and expertise you need to stay prepared for ransomware with every Veeam Ransomware Recovery Warranty policy.

As your partner in ransomware recovery, we take a multi-layered approach to ransomware so that you can have confidence you’re prepared for any worst-case scenario.

The Veeam Ransomware Recovery Warranty Includes:

  • Advanced onboarding support
  • A 30-minute time-to-first-response support service level (SLA)
  • A dedicated support account manager (SAM) for assistance and escalation
  • Quarterly health checks for best-practice operations
  • Design and Installation services through a Veeam Accredited Services Partner*
  • In the event of a ransomware attack, Veeam will cover the cost of data recovery *

*Terms and conditions apply, click here for details.

Impact of Ransomware

What Are the Real Effects of a Ransomware Attack? 

of companies experienced at least one ransomware attack in the past year.
of businesses who paid the ransom still couldn’t recover their data.
of attack victims were able to recover without paying the ransom.
3 weeks
is the minimum downtime to recover.

Ransomware Trends

Lessons learned from 1,200 victims and nearly 3,000 cyber attacks


Overcome Any Cyberthreat With a Single Solution

  • Total Control Over Recovery

    The most options for fast recovery after an attack:

    • Instant Recovery for critical workloads
    • Recovery from storage snapshots
    • Recovery from replicas
  • Multi‑layered Immutability

    Total confidence that your data is protected:

    • Immutability for each storage layer
    • Direct‑to‑object‑storage both on premises and in the cloud
    • Insights to show your data is protected
  • Complete Data Mobility

    Restore anywhere, from the data center to the cloud, and get back in production faster:

    • Backup on‑premises to the cloud
    • Back up the cloud on‑premises
    • Back up cloud to cloud
  • Comprehensive Monitoring

    Gain control over your data with powerful monitoring and analytics:

    • Proactive alerts for threat detection
    • Real‑time visibility into your backup environment
    • Active monitoring of recovery resources
  • Simplicity Through Automation

    Automate testing and recovery to reduce manual overhead:

    • Backup recovery verification
    • Dynamic documentation for testing and failover plans
    • Assure that your recover point objectives and recovery time objectives
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How can I become eligible for Veeam Ransomware Recovery Warranty?

Veeam customers must have Veeam Data Platform, Premium Edition implemented for workloads that are under warranty and purchase Veeam Premier Support. See the terms and conditions for minimum spending and contract term requirements apply.

What constitutes a Ransomware incident that activates the warranty?

A ransomware incident is when 1.) malware from an unauthorized source infects your system, 2.) your files are encrypted and unusable and 3.) payment is requested from the cybercriminal in exchange for access to your unencrypted data. Please see the terms and conditions for full details.

Under what conditions will the customer be reimbursed?

What is included in the quarterly health checks?

Quarterly checks validate the health of your environment based on Veeam’s guidelines, and will identify any gaps that need to be addressed. See Veeam’s security best practices here.

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