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Terms For Auto Bill

Last update: Mar 13, 2024
1. BACKGROUND. Veeam Software Group GMBH (“Veeam”) and you (as an individual or entity, “You” or “Your”) acknowledge that You and Veeam are currently under a contractual relationship whereby Veeam provides software ("Software”) to You under the Veeam End User License Agreement (“EULA”). Veeam has updated its internal processes to improve customer experiences and provide greater efficiencies in certain aspects of our contractual relationship, including our renewal process. You may, at Your sole option, agree to enter into an auto bill arrangement. Moving forward, if You agree to these terms, You and Veeam will no longer have to manually renew Your Veeam software license.

2. ACCEPTANCE OF AUTO BILL TERMS. You agree that by accepting these auto bill terms via click through, the following applies:

(a)  Upon the expiration of Your current pricing term (“Pricing Term”), the “per unit pricing” for Your Software (“Pricing”) will automatically renew, subject to section 3.

(b)  You acknowledge and agree that all payments You make for the software are strictly handled and completed by Your selected Veeam authorized reseller. 


With respect to Pricing, You agree the following:

(a)  Pricing may be subject to change in the subsequent Pricing Term.

(b)  Prior to end of the then current Pricing Term, (i) You will be sent a reminder by Veeam that Your Pricing will renew, and (ii) You will get a quote from Your Veeam authorized reseller detailing Your Pricing, including any updates and changes.

4. OPTING OUT. You may opt out of automatic renewal of the terms of the  Pricing as follows:

(a)  You do not have to accept these terms for Your upcoming renewal. You may opt out and will be required to renew through Veeam’s manual renewal process.

(b)  If You have accepted these terms previously and would like to opt out (cancel Your automatic renewal), You are required to  update Your online account to opt out of any further automatic renewal of Your Pricing. Thereafter, Veeam’s standard manual renewal process will be followed.