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Cyber Resiliency Videos

Stay a Step Ahead of Cyberthreats

Discover how Veeam makes Radical Resilience a reality
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Bounce Back, Then Bounce Forward

At a time when data is both the most valuable and most at-risk asset of your enterprise, we give you the power to restore any workload, anywhere, anytime — instantly. Learn what it takes to become radically resilient.
Achieving Radical Resilience
What is Radical Resilience?

Veeam's CEO, Anand Eswaran, explores our unique role in shaping the data protection industry.

What to Know Before You’re Hit

Learn straight from the experts. Brian Seeley, cybersecurity veteran and ethical hacker, breaks down the must-knows of anticipating and handling a cyberattack.

The Concept of Zero Trust

Cybercriminals are smart and only getting smarter. Join Danny Allan, CTO at Veeam, to understand how the landscape is changing and the importance of Zero Trust.

Data Security & Recovery
Data Security is Better Together

To recover fast, respond together. Misha Rangel and Patricia Titus discuss cyber threat preparation, cybersecurity advice, and the value of collaboration.

Gain Confidence in Recovery

The numbers speak for themselves. Misha Rangel shares how organizations can gain confidence in recovery — before, during, and after a cyberattack.

Public, Private, and Purpose

A cyber-secure future depends on public-private partnership. Sue Gordon, Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, shares her perspective after 27 years served in the CIA.

Technical Conversations
Secure by Design

Veeam sets the bar high — but how? Charles Clark, technical leader at Veeam, explains Veeam’s technical approach to data security through secure architectures, recovery spreads, and more.

Veeam Security Blueprint

Charles Clark details the latest in architectural defense. Learn about Veeam's security assessment checklist, open-source intelligence, and more.

Unlocking Veeam’s Potential

Charles Clark and Raymond Goh sit down for an in-depth conversation regarding Veeam Data Platform's innovative features and capabilities.

Veeam Data Platform

Radical Resilience to Keep Your Business Running

Radical resilience can only come from having complete confidence in your protection, response and recovery. Veeam Data Platform provides the confidence you need to make a stand against cyberattacks.
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Veeam Data Platform

Be resilient in a world of cyberthreats

  • Detect and identify cyberthreats
  • Respond and recover faster from ransomware
  • Secure and compliant protection for your data

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Data Security Trends

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Data Protection Trends Report 2024

Our 5th annual report of data protection strategies of up to 13,300 organizations between 2020-2026

2024 Ransomware Trends Report

Lessons learned from 1,200 victims and nearly 2,500 cyberattacks.

Elevating Data Security

Veeam’s commitment reinforcing data security and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information

Best Practices for Secure Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Backup

Protect and secure your data as a part of your cyber resiliency plan

7 Best Practices for Ransomware Recovery

Ready to make recovery your top priority? Get the leading edge on early threat detection and ensure fast recovery with orchestration.

Radical Resilience is Our Difference

With Veeam by your side, you have the confidence knowing that you can
meet the IT needs of today and tomorrow.

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