#1 Global Leader in Data Resilience

Deloitte chose Veeam to drive its Digital Transformation

Being the leader in audit, insurance, consulting, tax and legal services, Deloitte France is focusing on achieving absolute trust from its customers and ultimate employee performance. Deloitte France & French speaking Africa has chosen Veeam as a privileged partner to drive its digital transformation, seeking to secure business applications and minimize downtime. Veeam’s offerings (Wan Accelerator, SureBackup, Secure Restore…) provide a powerful means of automation, allowing to send data to secure and immutable destinations so that it can not be compromised accidentally or with malicious intent. Besides, centralization and simplified management eases monitoring of adjustments in real time which guarantees protection of the critical data regardless of the source: physical server, virtual or cloud environment. Veeam with its capacity of continuous innovation is a solution suited to new challenges, especially in today’s context of accelerating technical and economic changes.
Julien Hababou
Systems & Infrastructure Manager & Stéphane Masson, Backup Manager