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Hospital San Javier protects 100% of its data with Veeam to enable 24/7 healthcare

Thanks to Veeam, we’ve gone from unreliable backups to dependable data replication at least twice a day.
Ramón Márquez Sánchez
IT Manager
Hospital San Javier

The Business Challenge

Hospital San Javier has been a pioneer in medical technology since it was first established almost 30 years ago. It was the first private hospital in Latin America to introduce scalpel-free brain radiosurgery via gamma rays. It has also conducted hundreds of organ transplantation procedures, and treated thousands of cancer patients with radiation therapy, using safe and precise linear accelerator technology. At the same time, the hospital is renowned for infusing every patient interaction with warmth and friendliness.

“Hospital San Javier aims to bring our patients the very latest breakthroughs in medical innovation in a hospitable, comfortable environment,” said Ramón Márquez Sánchez, IT Manager at Hospital San Javier. “The IT team’s role is to ensure that the right computing resources are available, so that the hospital’s colleagues can deliver the best experience for each patient.”

From the moment a patient enters Hospital San Javier, the institution’s colleagues begin collecting, recording and sharing data to optimize healthcare delivery for every individual. Ensuring that data is both easily accessible and secured is an ongoing challenge.

“The hospital has evolved a lot in recent years; we’ve added new services and introduced cutting-edge medical equipment,” said Márquez. “All this translates into massive data growth and our previous data protection measures were struggling to keep up. The threat of cyber-attack is also increasing year-on-year, so we decided it was time to change our approach.”

The Veeam Solution

The hospital’s IT team selected Veeam to guarantee data availability for its colleagues and enable standout healthcare services around the clock.

“The results were undeniable,” said Márquez. “In terms of speed, flexibility, efficiency, and ease of management, Veeam far out-performed the other options presented to us — it was an easy decision.”

Working with Veeam and Veeam partner Capital Information Technology SA de CV, Hospital San Javier deployed the new solution and set up a data backup policy that protects its entire IT environment. The hospital’s IT infrastructure includes six physical servers hosting 60 virtual machines, spread across two data centers.

“The support from the Veeam and Capital IT teams was outstanding,” said Márquez. “The solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with other technologies, and that was our experience with our infrastructure. Today, Veeam is responsible for safeguarding 20 TBs of data. This ensures that we have data integrity for essential systems such as our EMR [electronic medical record], medical imaging and financial applications, plus our Oracle database. Thanks to Veeam, we’ve got dependable data replication at least twice a day.”

Using Veeam, the Hospital San Javier IT team can provide a more responsive service to hospital colleagues. By ensuring that data is always at the fingertips of everyone involved in patient care, the institution is protecting its competitive edge.

“When a file or email gets accidentally deleted, Veeam’s granular restore capabilities let us respond right away,” said Márquez. “With Veeam, we can help colleagues focus on the most important task: taking care of patients.”

The next step for Hospital San Javier is to adopt hyperconverged computing infrastructure to enhance IT performance, efficiency and scalability.

“We don’t need to stop and consider how we’ll protect our new HCI environment because we have no doubts that Veeam will do it perfectly,” said Márquez. “With Veeam and Capital IT in our corner, we can bring the latest in healthcare advances and warm, friendly service to patients.”

The Results

  • Enabled 100% protection of 20 TBs of data, empowering hospital colleagues to provide tech-driven healthcare. 
    Through Veeam, San Javier Hospital now has data protection capabilities that are powerful and scalable enough to keep pace with its innovation activities.
  • Made it easier for authorized end users to recover information from shared file servers with zero data loss and minimal disruption. 
    Hospital San Javier relies on Veeam to help maintain superior experiences for users working in clinical, medical and administrative roles.
  • Keeps the hospital protected from the reputational damage of data compromise or sustained service outages. 
    As an institution renowned for forward-thinking technology decisions, Hospital San Javier gives its patients and colleagues confidence in the integrity of its IT environment.


Located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Hospital San Javier has provided tertiary healthcare services for almost 30 years. It was established by a group of medical specialists who wanted to combine cutting-edge medical technology with exceptional patient care to deliver the very best patient outcomes and experiences. The hospital provides comprehensive medical care, with departments for specialties including neurosurgery, oncology and cardiology, alongside a permanent transplant program.


In this hospital, every step of the patient journey is digitally mapped and orchestrated. From admission through diagnosis, treatment, discharge, billing and ongoing care. Hospital colleagues must be able to quickly access, record, generate and store huge amounts of data. This ensures the information security and performance that make generating exceptional patient experiences possible. Hospital San Javier operates at the forefront of healthcare, making high availability of IT systems and data critical. With the threat of cyber-attacks growing, the hospital sought a robust solution that could support 24/7 healthcare delivery.


  • Enabled 100% protection of 20 TB of data, empowering hospital colleagues to provide tech-driven healthcare.
  • Made it easier for authorized end users to recover information from shared file servers with zero data loss and minimal disruption.
  • Keeps the hospital protected from the reputational damage of data compromise or sustained service outages.

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